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Webster E; Kingsford RT; Lyons M; Brandis K; Fisher A, 2019, Tracking the Flow Water Pilot Technology Program Final Report

McGinness H; Brandis K; Robinson F; Piper M; O'Brien L; Langston A; Hodgson J; Wenger L; Martin J; Bellio M; Callaghan D; Webster E; Francis R; McCann J; Lyons M; Doerr V; Kingsford R; Mac Nally R, 2019, Murray‒Darling Basin Environmental Water Knowledge and Research Project — Waterbird Theme Research Report

Dyer F; Broadhurst B; Tschierschke A; Thiem J; Thompson R; Bowen S; Asmus M; Brandis K; Lyons M; Spencer J; Callaghan D; Lenehan J, 2017, Commonwealth Environmental Water Office Long Term Intervention Monitoring Project: Lower Lachlan river system Selected Area 2016-17 Monitoring and Evaluation Report

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