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Ershadi M; Jefferies M; Davis P; Mojtahedi M, 2021, 'Effective Application of Information Technology Tools for Real-Time Project Management', in Digital Technologies and Applications, Springer International Publishing, pp. 719 - 729,

Ershadi M; Jefferies M; Davis P; Mojtahedi M, 2021, 'The Design Requirements of a Decision Support System for Waste Control', in Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Springer International Publishing, pp. 444 - 453,

Kimmel L; Shirowzhan S; Mojtahedi M; Sepasgozar S; Peacock J, 2020, 'A GIS-Based Risk and Safety Analysis of Entrance Areas in Educational Buildings Based on Students’ Experience', in Smart Cities and Construction Technologies,

Mojtahedi MS; Newton S; Tahmasebinia F, 2017, 'An Additive Statistical Modeling Approach to the Analysis of Transport Infrastructure Flood Risk-Based Resilience', in Hromadka T; Rao P (ed.), Flood Risk Management, Intech, pp. 107 - 128,

Mojtahedi MS; Mousavi S, 2011, 'A New Non-Parametric Statistical Approach to Assess Risks Associated with Climate Change in Construction Projects Based on LOOCV Technique', in Nota G (ed.), Risk Management Trends, INTECH Open Access Publisher, Croatia, pp. 65 - 88

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