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Barratt MJ; Ball M; Wong G; Quinton A, 2023, Drug adulteration and substitution within Australian cryptomarkets: An analysis of Test4Pay, ,

Grifell M; Mir G; Estelrich-Azubide R; Ventura M; Galindo L; Guilanyà J; Fornís I; Gil C; Roldán M; Carbón X; Barratt MJ; Farré M; Colom F; Pérez V, 2022, Identifying new psychoactive substances (NPS) using drug checking services: An innovative observational study design, ,

Volpe I; Brien R; Grigg J; Tzanetis S; Crawford S; Lyons T; Lee N; McKinnon G; Hughes C; Eade A; Barratt M, 2022, “We don’t live in a harm reduction world, we live in a prohibition world”: tensions arising in the design of high-risk drug alerts, ,

Brien R; Volpe I; Grigg J; Lyons T; Hughes C; McKinnon G; Tzanetis S; Crawford S; Eade A; Lee N; Barratt M, 2022, Co-Designing High-Risk Drug Alerts for Health and Community Service Practitioners, ,

Barratt MJ; Lamy F; Engel L; Davies E; Puljević C; Ferris J; Winstock A, 2021, Exploring Televend, an innovative combination of cryptomarket and messaging app technologies for trading prohibited drugs, ,

Petranker R; Anderson T; Maier L; Barratt M; Ferris J; Winstock A, 2020, Global Drug Survey, ,

Stevens A; Barratt M; Lenton S; Ridout M; Winstock A, Social Bias in the Policing of Illicit Drug Users in the UK and Australia: Findings from a Self-Report Study, ,

Stevens A; Ridout M; Barratt M; Lenton S; Winstock A, The Potential Effects of Policy Changes on Drug Markets in the UK and Australia: Estimates from a Survey of Drug Users, ,

Coney L; Peacock A; Malm A; Munksgaard R; Aldridge J; Ferris JA; Maier LJ; Winstock AR; Barratt MJ, The relationship between cryptomarket drug purchase, social networks and adverse drug events: A cross-sectional study, ,

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