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Barthwal-Datta M; Basu S, 2022, 'Land, Water and Food', in Gender Matters in Global Politics, Routledge, pp. 259 - 274,

Barthwal-Datta M; Krystalli R; Shephard L, 2022, 'Narrative in politics and the politics of narrative', in Dawson P; Mäkelä M (ed.), The Routledge Companion to Narrative Theory, Routledge,

Barthwal-Datta M; Clapton W, 2016, 'Diplomacy Down-Under: Australia-India Relations under Modi’s Leadership', in Chowdhury Y; Chowdhury AD (ed.), Narendra Modi and the World: The Ring View Inside Out, pp. 152 - 158

Barthwal-Datta M, 2014, 'Global Food Security: The Challenge of Feeding the World', in Steger M; Battersby P; Siracusa J (ed.), The SAGE Handbook of Globalization, SAGE, pp. 885 - 901,

Barthwal-Datta M; Basu S, 2014, 'Land, Water and Food', in Shepherd LJ (ed.), Gender Matters in Global Politics: A Feminist Introduction to International Relations, edn. 2nd, Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp. 197 - 209,

Barthwal-datta M, 2009, 'India's Look East Policy: Challenges and Opportunities', in Bosold D; Brockmann K (ed.), Regional Leaders in the Global Security Arena: Interests, Strategies and Capabilities, edn. Original, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), Berlin, pp. 33 - 42

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