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Jevglevskaja N; Buckley R, 2023, 'A World-Leading Sanitation System for Our Digital Economy: The Consumer Data Right', Australian Business Law Review, 51, pp. 194 - 212,

Buckley RP; Jevglevskaja N, 2023, 'Screen Scraping in Australian Finance', The University of Queensland Law Journal, 42, pp. 277 - 308,

Buckley RP; Jevglevskaja N; Farrell S, 2022, 'Australia's Data-Sharing Regime: Six Lessons for Europe', King's Law Journal, 33, pp. 61 - 91,

Jevglevskaja N; Buckley RP, 2022, 'THE CONSUMER DATA RIGHT: HOW TO REALISE THIS WORLD-LEADING REFORM', University of New South Wales Law Journal, 45, pp. 1589 - 1622,

Jevglevskaja N; Baggiarini B, 2021, 'Future All-Volunteer Force: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Recruitment and Retention Strategies', Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies,

Soltanzadeh S; Galliott J; Jevglevskaja N, 2020, 'Customizable Ethics Settings for Building Resilience and Narrowing the Responsibility Gap: Case Studies in the Socio-Ethical Engineering of Autonomous Systems', Science and Engineering Ethics, 26, pp. 2693 - 2708,

Jevglevskaja N; Galliott J, 2019, 'Airmen and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: The Danger of Generalization', US Airforce Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, Fall, pp. 33 - 65,

Jevglevskaja N, 2019, 'Legal Review of New Weapons: Origins of Article 36 AP I', The Finnish Yearbook of International Law, 25, pp. 109 - 140

Jevglevskaja N, 2018, 'Weapons Review Obligation under Customary International Law', International Law Studies, 94, pp. 185 - 221,

Jevglevskaja N, 2014, 'Stuart Casey-Maslen (ed), Weapons under International Human Rights Law', The Finnish Yearbook of International Law, 24, pp. 315 - 315,

Spijkers O; Jevglevskaja N, 2013, 'Sustainable development and high seas fisheries', Utrecht Law Review, 9, pp. 24 - 37,

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