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Book Chapters

Padawangi R, 2018, 'Routledge Handbook of Urbanization in Southeast Asia', in , Routledge,

Warouw N, 2018, 'Women workers and urban imagination in Indonesia's industrial town', in Padawangi R (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Urbanization in Southeast Asia, Routledge, pp. 157 - 167,

Warouw N, 2016, 'Industrial Labour: Southeast Asia', in Encyclopedia-of-women-and-islamic-cultures online, edn. Spring 2016, BrillOnline Reference Works,

Warouw N, 2014, 'Working class revisited: Class relations in Indonesian provincial town', in Klinken G; Berenschot W (ed.), In Search of Middle Indonesia Middle Classes in Provincial Towns, BRILL, Leiden and Boston, pp. 49 - 67,

Edwards L, 2008, 'Series editor's foreword', in Women and Work in Indonesia, pp. xi,

Journal articles

Warouw N, 2016, 'Negotiating modernity: Women workers, Islam and urban trajectory in Indonesia', Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations, vol. 27, pp. 283 - 302,

Warouw N, 2006, 'Community-based agencies as the entrepreneur's instruments of control in Post-Soeharto's Indonesia', Asia Pacific Business Review, vol. 12, pp. 193 - 207,

Conference Posters

Dokos S; Kelaiah I; Vicente Cristobal H; Combe-Germes V; Duffy M; Howlin P; Ulman L; Mount G; de Permentier P; Shin G-H; Iida S; Marden N; Lackerstein D; Eli A; Warouw N, (eds.), 2018, 'A UNSW Community-Driven Portal for Online Education Resources', Sydney, presented at Partners in Learning: Connecting Communities, Sydney, 26 October 2018 - 26 October 2018,

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