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Ibraheem S; Devasahayam S; Standard O; Bandyopadhyay S, 2016, 'Fabrication & surface characterization of spherical fly ash particles reinforced epoxy resin', in Mittal V (ed.), Spherical and Fibrous Filler Composites, VCH, Germany, pp. 39 - 66,

Standard OC, 2006, 'Alumina', in , Wiley,

Sorrell CC; Ehsani N; Ruys AJ; Standard OC, 1998, 'Absence of microwave effect in ceramics: Precise temperature, thermal gradient, and densification determination in a proportional-power microwave furnace', in Ceramic Microstructures Control at the Atomic Level, Plenum Press, New York, pp. 471 - 496

Sorrell CC; Standard OC; Ehsani N; Ratinac KR; Harding CJ; Ruys AJ, 1998, 'Advanced microwave sintering of ceramics: Densification and thermal effects of oxide ceramics in proportional-power microwave furnace', in Ceramics Interfaces: Properties and Applications, edn. Original, IOM Communications Ltd, London, pp. 333 - 366

Standard OC; Sorrell CC, 1998, 'Densification of Zirconia--conventional Methods', in Zirconia engineering ceramics, Trans Tech Publication, Zurich, Switzerland, pp. 251 - 300

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