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Maulvi FA; Desai DT; Kalaiselvan P; Dumpati S; Kuppusamy R; Masoudi S; Shah DO; Willcox MDP, 2024, 'Lipid-based eye drop formulations for the management of evaporative dry eyes', Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 47,

Maulvi FA; Parmar MB; Shetty KH; Patel AR; Desai BV; Vyas BA; Desai DT; Kalaiselvan P; Masoudi S; Shah DO; Willcox MDP, 2024, 'Role of micelle dynamics in enhancing cyclosporine uptake in hyaluronic acid-contact lenses for improved critical lens properties in dry eye management', Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 688,

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Kalaiselvan P; Dutta D; Bhombal F; Konda N; Vaddavalli PK; Sharma S; Stapleton F; Willcox MDP, 2022, 'Ocular microbiota and lens contamination following Mel4 peptide-coated antimicrobial contact lens (MACL) extended wear', Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 45,

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Kalaiselvan P; Kuppusamy R; Kumar N; Willcox M, 2022, 'Antimicrobial activity of RK-7 peptide mimic against Staphylococcus aureus in solution and when immobilised onto contact lenses', Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 45, pp. 101607 - 101607,

Kalaiselvan P; Konda N; Pampi N; Vaddavalli PK; Sharma S; Stapleton F; Kumar N; Willcox MDP; Dutta D, 2021, 'Effect of antimicrobial contact lenses on corneal infiltrative events: A randomized clinical trial', Translational Vision Science and Technology, 10, pp. 32 - 32,

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Sati A; Sangwan VS; Basu S; Kalaiselvan P, 2013, 'Boston keratoprosthesis for visual rehabilitation in porphyria cutanea tarda', BMJ Case Reports,

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