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Griffin P, 2015, Popular Culture, Political Economy and the Death of Feminism: Why Women are in Refrigerators and Other Stories, Popular Culture and World Politics, Routledge,

Griffin P, 2009, Gendering the World Bank: Neoliberalism and the gendered foundations of global governance,

Book Chapters

Griffin P, 2022, 'Global Governance', in Shepherd LJ; Hamilton C (ed.), Gender Matters in Global Politics A Feminist Introduction to International Relations, Routledge,

Griffin P, 2022, 'Postcolonial and Poststructural Political Economy', in Stilwell F; Primrose D; Thornton TB (ed.), Handbook of Alternative Theories of Political Economy, Edward Elgar Publishing,

Griffin P, 2020, 'Privatized Bodies in Public Locations: C-Sections, Toddler Meltdowns, and the Neoliberal Gaze', in Troubling Motherhood Maternality in Global Politics, Oxford University Press, USA, pp. 195 - 213,

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Griffin P, 2018, 'Gender, Nature and the Ethics of Finance in a Racialised Global (Political) Economy', in Steele B; Heinze E (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Ethics and International Relations, Routledge, London,

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Griffin P, 2013, 'Deconstruction as ‘anti-method’', in Critical Approaches to Security: An Introduction to Theories and Methods, pp. 208 - 222,

Griffin P, 2013, 'Deconstruction as ‘Anti-Method’', in Shepherd LJ (ed.), Critical Approaches to Security: An Introduction to Theories and Methods, Routledge, London, pp. 208 - 222,

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Griffin P, 2011, 'Queer Theories of Power', in Dowding K (ed.), Encyclopedia of Power, edn. 1st, Sage, London,

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Griffin P, 2009, 'The spaces between us: The gendered politics of outer space', in Securing Outer Space, pp. 59 - 75,

Griffin P, 2009, 'The Spaces Between Us: The Gendered Politics of Outer Space', in Borman N; Sheehan M (ed.), Securing Outer Space, Routledge, London, New York, pp. 59 - 75,

Journal articles

Griffin DP; Khalid DM, 2022, 'Gender, race and Orientalism: The governance of terrorism and violent extremism in global and local perspective', Critical Studies on Terrorism, vol. 15, pp. 559 - 584,

Griffin P, 2020, 'Human Capital in Gender and Development', Gender & Development, vol. 28, pp. 216 - 218,

Griffin P, 2019, 'The everyday practices of global finance: Gender and regulatory politics of 'diversity'', International Affairs, vol. 95, pp. 1215 - 1233,

Griffin P, 2019, '#MeToo, white feminism and taking everyday politics seriously in the global political economy', Australian Journal of Political Science, vol. 54, pp. 556 - 572,

Griffin P, 2019, 'Symposium ‘exploring the (multiple) futures of world politics through popular culture’', Australian Journal of Political Science, vol. 54, pp. 508 - 514,

Griffin P, 2017, '‘Post’ interventions: Postcoloniality, poststructuralism and questions of ‘after’ in world politics', Politics, vol. 37, pp. 367 - 370,

Griffin P, 2017, 'Financial governance ‘after’ crisis: On the liminality of the global financial crisis and its ‘afterwards’, through a gender lens', Politics, vol. 37, pp. 402 - 417,

Griffin P, 2015, 'Crisis, austerity and gendered governance: A feminist perspective', Feminist Review, vol. 109, pp. 49 - 72,

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Griffin P, 2007, 'Neoliberalism and the World Bank: Economic Discourse and the (Re)Production of Gendered Identiy(ies)', Policy Futures In Education, vol. 5, pp. 226 - 238,

Griffin P, 2007, 'Refashioning IPE: What and how gender analysis teaches international (global) political economy', Review of International Political Economy, vol. 14, pp. 719 - 736,

Griffin P, 2007, 'Sexing the Economy in a Neo-liberal World Order: Neo-liberal Discourse and the (Re)Production of Heteronormative Heterosexuality', British Journal of Politics and International Relations, vol. 9, pp. 220 - 238,

Griffin P, 2006, 'The World Bank', New Political Economy, vol. 11, pp. 571 - 582,

Working Papers

Griffin P, 2005, ‘Neoliberal Economic Discourses and Hegemonic Masculinity(ies): Masculine Hegemony (Dis)Embodied’, IPEG Papers in Global Political Economy, 19, http://dx.doi.org

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