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Russell EK; de Souza P, 2023, 'Soundmapping hotel detention', Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, pp. 239965442311572 - 239965442311572,

Russell E; de Souza P, 2023, 'Counter-mapping the mobile border: Racial surveillance and data justice in spaces of disappearance', Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 41, pp. 494 - 512,

de Souza P; Russell EK, 2023, 'Sensing the border(s): Sound and carceral intimacies in and beyond indefinite detention', Crime, Media, Culture, 19, pp. 20 - 39,

de Souza P; Dreher T, 2023, 'Resistance, reclamation and repair: the Parragirls feminist archive and reparative media practices in the wake of institutional harm and media damage', Feminist Media Studies,

Anderson H; Backhaus B; Bedford C; De Souza P, 2022, '‘Go join that radio station up there’: The role of Australian community radio in journalism education and training', Australian Journalism Review, 44, pp. 171 - 189,

de Souza P; Dreher T, 2021, 'Dwelling in Discomfort: On the conditions of listening in settler colonial Australia', Borderlands Journal, 20, pp. 30 - 60,

de Souza P, 2021, 'Beyond the Horizon of the State: Listening to offshore detention’s longue durée', Law Text Culture, 24, pp. 1 - 17,

de Souza P, 2020, 'Sonic Archives of Breathlessness', International Journal of Communication, 14,

de Souza P, 2020, 'Beyond the Horizon of the State: Listening to offshore detention's longue duree', LAW TEXT CULTURE, 24, pp. 79 - 95,

de Souza P, 2018, 'What does racial (in)justice sound like? On listening, acoustic violence and the booing of Adam Goodes', Continuum, 32, pp. 459 - 473,

MacDowall LJ; de Souza P, 2018, '‘I’d Double Tap That!!’: street art, graffiti, and Instagram research', Media, Culture and Society, 40, pp. 3 - 22,

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