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Macdonald ER; Amorim NML; Hagstrom AD; Markovic K; Simar D; Ward RE; Clifford BK, 2023, 'Evaluating the effect of upper-body morbidity on quality of life following primary breast cancer treatment: a systematic review and meta-analysis', in Journal of Cancer Survivorship,

Macdonald E; Clifford B; Simar D; Signorelli C; Ward R, 2022, 'Ballet after breast cancer: Investigating the feasibility, acceptability, and participant experiences of a novel 16-week classical ballet intervention for breast cancer survivors', in ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 18, pp. 216 - 217,

Parmenter B; Engel A; Ward R; Perreault K; Van Capelle A; Broderick C, 2019, 'Children’s body mass index is related to parental perceived physical activity levels in pre-school aged children.', in American Heart Association, presented at EPI Lifestyle Sessions

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