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Sharma B; Karunanayake I; Masood R; Ikram M, 2023, 'Don't Be a Victim during a Pandemic! Analysing Security and Privacy Threats in Twitter during COVID-19', IEEE Access, 11, pp. 29769 - 29789,

Zhao J; Masood R; Seneviratne S, 2021, 'A review of computer vision methods in network security', IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 23, pp. 1838 - 1878,

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Masood R; Zhao BZH; Asghar HJ; Kaafar MA, 2018, 'Touch and You’re Trapp(ck)ed: Quantifying the Uniqueness of Touch Gestures for Tracking', Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, 2018, pp. 122 - 142,

Elgedawy I; Khurshid S; Masood R; Shibli MA, 2018, 'CRESCENT+: a self-protecting framework for reliable composite web service delivery', Iran Journal of Computer Science, 1, pp. 65 - 87,

Mehak F; Masood R; Shibli MA; Elgedway I, 2017, 'EACF: extensible access control framework for cloud environments', Annales des Telecommunications/Annals of Telecommunications, 72, pp. 307 - 323,

Ghazi Y; Masood R; Rauf A; Shibli MA; Hassan O, 2016, 'DB-SECaaS: a cloud-based protection system for document-oriented NoSQL databases', Eurasip Journal on Information Security, 2016,

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Habiba U; Masood R; Shibli MA; Niazi MA, 2014, 'Cloud identity management security issues & solutions: a taxonomy', Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling, 2,

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