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Daiyan R; Zhu X; Tong Z; Gong L; Razmjou A; Liu RS; Xia Z; Lu X; Dai L; Amal R, 2020, 'Transforming active sites in nickel–nitrogen–carbon catalysts for efficient electrochemical CO2 reduction to CO', Nano Energy, vol. 78, pp. 105213 - 105213,

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Tran-Phu T; Daiyan R; Fusco Z; Ma Z; Rahim LRA; Kiy A; Kluth P; Guo X; Zhu Y; Chen H; Amal R; Tricoli A, 2020, 'Multifunctional nanostructures of Au-Bi2O3fractals for CO2reduction and optical sensing', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 8, pp. 11233 - 11245,

Allioux FM; Merhebi S; Ghasemian MB; Tang J; Merenda A; Abbasi R; Mayyas M; Daeneke T; O'Mullane AP; Daiyan R; Amal R; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2020, 'Bi-Sn Catalytic Foam Governed by Nanometallurgy of Liquid Metals', Nano Letters, vol. 20, pp. 4403 - 4409,

Daiyan R; Saputera WH; Masood H; Leverett J; Lu X; Amal R, 2020, 'A Disquisition on the Active Sites of Heterogeneous Catalysts for Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to Value-Added Chemicals and Fuel', Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 10, pp. 1902106 - 1902106,

Daiyan R; Chen R; Kumar P; Bedford NM; Qu J; Cairney JM; Lu X; Amal R, 2020, 'Tunable Syngas Production through CO2 Electroreduction on Cobalt-Carbon Composite Electrocatalyst', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 12, pp. 9307 - 9315,

Allioux FM; Merhebi S; Tang J; Idrus-Saidi SA; Abbasi R; Saborio MG; Ghasemian MB; Han J; Namivandi-Zangeneh R; O'Mullane AP; Koshy P; Daiyan R; Amal R; Boyer C; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2020, 'Catalytic Metal Foam by Chemical Melting and Sintering of Liquid Metal Nanoparticles', Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 30,

Tran-Phu T; Daiyan R; Fusco Z; Ma Z; Amal R; Tricoli A, 2020, 'Nanostructured β-Bi2O3 Fractals on Carbon Fibers for Highly Selective CO2 Electroreduction to Formate', Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 30, pp. 1906478 - 1906478,

Yates J; Daiyan R; Patterson R; Egan R; Amal R; Ho-Baille A; Chang NL, 2020, 'Techno-economic Analysis of Hydrogen Electrolysis from Off-Grid Stand-Alone Photovoltaics Incorporating Uncertainty Analysis', Cell Reports Physical Science, pp. 100209 - 100209,

Tang J; Daiyan R; Ghasemian MB; Idrus-Saidi SA; Zavabeti A; Daeneke T; Yang J; Koshy P; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Kaner RB; Amal R; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2019, 'Advantages of eutectic alloys for creating catalysts in the realm of nanotechnology-enabled metallurgy', Nature Communications, vol. 10, pp. 4645,

Daiyan R; Lu X; Tan X; Zhu X; Chen R; Smith SC; Amal R, 2019, 'Antipoisoning nickel-carbon electrocatalyst for practical electrochemical co2 reduction to CO', ACS Applied Energy Materials, vol. 2, pp. 8002 - 8009,

Daiyan R; Lovell EC; Bedford NM; Saputera WH; Wu KH; Lim S; Horlyck J; Ng YH; Lu X; Amal R, 2019, 'Modulating Activity through Defect Engineering of Tin Oxides for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction', Advanced Science, vol. 6, pp. 1900678 - 1900678,

Daiyan R; Saputera WH; Zhang Q; Lovell E; Lim S; Ng YH; Lu X; Amal R, 2019, '3D Heterostructured Copper Electrode for Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Alcohols at Low Overpotentials', ADVANCED SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS, vol. 3,

Horlyck J; Nashira A; Lovell E; Daiyan R; Bedford N; Wei Y; Amal R; Scott J, 2019, 'Plasma treating mixed metal oxides to improve oxidative performance via defect generation', Materials, vol. 12,

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Daiyan R; Tan X; Chen R; Saputera WH; Tahini HA; Lovell E; Ng YH; Smith SC; Dai L; Lu X; Amal R, 2018, 'Electroreduction of CO2 to CO on a Mesoporous Carbon Catalyst with Progressively Removed Nitrogen Moieties', ACS Energy Letters, vol. 3, pp. 2292 - 2298,

Daiyan R; Lu X; Saputera WH; Ng YH; Amal R, 2018, 'Highly Selective Reduction of CO2 to Formate at Low Overpotentials Achieved by a Mesoporous Tin Oxide Electrocatalyst', ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, vol. 6, pp. 1670 - 1679,

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Daiyan R; Lu X; Ng YH; Amal R, 2017, 'Surface engineered tin foil for electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to formate', Catalysis Science and Technology, vol. 7, pp. 2542 - 2550,

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