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Louie RHY; Cai C; Singh M; Deveson I; Ferguson J; Amos T; McGuire HM; Samir J; Gowrishankar K; Adikari T; Balderas R; Bishop D; Gottlieb D; Blyth E; Micklethwaite K; Luciani F, 2022, CAR+ and CAR- T cells differentiate into an NK-like subset that is associated with increased inflammatory cytokines following infusion,

Cai C; Samir J; Pirozyan M; Adikari T; Gupta M; Leung P; Hughes B; Van der Byl W; Rizzetto S; Elthala A; Keoshkerian E; Palgen J-L; Peters T; Nguyen T; Louie R; Kedzierska K; Gaudieri S; Bull R; Lloyd A; Luciani F, 2021, Single cell multi-omics reveals early elevated function and multiple fates within human progenitor exhausted CD8+ T cells,

Sohail M; Louie R; McKay M; Barton J, 2019, Resolving genetic linkage reveals patterns of selection in HIV-1 evolution,

Morales-Jimenez D; Louie RHY; McKay MR; Chen Y, 2014, Analysis and Design of Multiple-Antenna Cognitive Radios with Multiple Primary User Signals,

Chen H; Li Y; Louie RHY; Vucetic B, 2013, Autonomous Demand Side Management Based on Energy Consumption Scheduling and Instantaneous Load Billing: An Aggregative Game Approach,

Bayat S; Louie RHY; Vucetic B; Li Y, 2011, Dynamic Decentralized Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Relay Networks,

Li Y; Louie RHY; Vucetic B, 2010, Relay Selection with Network Coding in Two-Way Relay Channels,

Louie RHY; McKay MR; Collings IB, 2010, Open-Loop Spatial Multiplexing and Diversity Communications in Ad Hoc Networks,

Louie RHY; McKay MR; Jindal N; Collings IB, 2010, Spatial multiplexing with MMSE receivers: Single-stream optimality in ad hoc networks,

Louie RHY; McKay MR; Collings IB, 2008, Maximum Sum-Rate of MIMO Multiuser Scheduling with Linear Receivers,

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