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Dunley R, 2018, Britain and the Mine, 1900–1915 Culture, Strategy and International Law, Springer

Book Chapters

Dunley RE, 2014, '‘“The Most Resistless and Revolutionary Weapon of Naval Warfare that has Ever Been Introduced”: The Royal Navy and the Whitehead Torpedo 1870-1890’', in A Military Transformed? Adaption and Innovation in the British Military, 1792-1945, Helion & Company Limited

Journal articles

Dunley R, 2020, 'The Archive of the Edwardian Foreign Office: The Archaeology of a Collection and Its Use', Diplomacy & Statecraft, vol. 31, pp. 429 - 449,

Dunley R, 2019, 'Anti-Submarine Warfare in the Pre-First World War Royal Navy: A Cultural Failure?', War in History,

Dunley R, 2017, 'Invasion, raids and army reform: the political context of ‘flotilla defence’, 1903-5', Historical Research, vol. 90, pp. 613 - 635,

Dunley RE, 2016, 'Technology and Tradition: Mine Warfare and the Royal Navy’s Strategy of Coastal Assault 1870-1890', Journal of Military History, vol. 80, pp. 389 - 409

Dunley R, 2015, '‘The warrior has always shewed himself greater than his weapons’: the Royal Navy’s interpretation of the Russo-Japanese War 1904–5', War & Society, vol. 34, pp. 248 - 262,

Dunley RE, 2015, '"Not intended to act as spies”: The Consular Intelligence Service in Denmark and Germany 1906-1914', International History Review, vol. 37, pp. 481 - 502

Dunley R, 2015, 'Sir John Fisher and the Policy of Strategic Deterrence, 1904–1908', War in History, vol. 22, pp. 155 - 173,

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