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Kha R; Wen Q; Bender N; Jones C; Gopinath B; Macniven R; Tang D, 2023, Barriers and enablers to participation in a proposed online lifestyle intervention for older adults with age-related macular degeneration, ,

Nash K; Macniven RR; Clague L; Coates H; Fitzpatrick M; Gunasekera H; Gwynne K; Halvorsen L; Harkus S; Holt L; Lumby N; Neal K; Orr N; Pellicano E; Rambaldini B; McMahon C, 2022, Ear and hearing care programs for First Nations children: A systematic scoping review, ,

Nunn J; Shafee T; Chang S; Stephens R; Elliot J; Oliver S; John D; Smith M; Orr N; Preston J; Borthwick J; Vlijmen TV; Ansell J; Houyez F; de Sousa MSA; Plotz RD; Oliver JL; Golumbic Y; Macniven R; Wines S; Borda A; Hyldmo HDS; Hsing P-Y; Denis L; Thompson C, 2021, Standardised Data on Initiatives – STARDIT: Beta Version, ,

Gotis-Graham A; Macniven R; Kong K; Gwynne K, 2020, The effectiveness of Ear Nose and Throat outreach programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: a systematic review, ,

Macniven R; Jeffries Jr TL; Meharg D; Talbot F; Rambaldini B; Edwards E; Hickie I; Sloan M; Gwynne K, 2020, What Solutions Exist for Cognitive, Emotional and Developmental Delays Facing Indigenous Children Globally? A Co-Designed Systematic Review, ,

Macniven R; Hunter K; Lincoln M; O’Brien C; Jeffries Jr TL; Shein G; Saxby A; Taylor D; Agius T; Finlayson H; Martin R; Kong K; Nolan-Isles D; Tobin S; Gwynne K, 2018, Accessibility of Primary, Specialist, and Allied Health Services for Aboriginal People Living in Rural and Remote Communities: Protocol for a Mixed-Methods Study (Preprint), ,

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