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Kurt G; Elshazly M; Rebolledo O; Wells R; Rosenbaum S, 2024, 'Humanitarian Workers', in Trauma, Resilience, and Posttraumatic Growth in Frontline Personnel, pp. 184 - 200,

Higgins M; Murad M; Robinson K; Dew A; Boydell K; McKay F; Watson J; Coello M; Smith L; Johnson K; Wells R, 2023, 'Engaged advocacy: A framework for inclusion of people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds in disability policy', in Research Handbook on Disability Policy, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 305 - 321,

Yousef OS; Alhalabi A; Steel Z; Saral S; Wells R, 2020, 'Community Interventions in Conflict Settings', in Beyond the Psychology Industry, Springer International Publishing, pp. 69 - 82,

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