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Reardon B; Hsu J; Smith S; van der Linde R; Brown DA; Tegg E; Sasson SC, 2024, Anti-JOVI.1 antibody to detect clonal T cell populations: implementation into a diagnostic flow cytometry laboratory and correlation with clinical findings, ,

Dharan NJ; Sasson SC; Ahlenstiel G; Andersen CR; Bloch M; Buckland G; Hamad N; Han WM; Kelleher AD; Long GV; Matthews GV; Mina MM; Papot E; Petoumenos K; Swaminathan S; Withers B; Yun J; Polizzotto MN, 2023, Clinical and laboratory features of COVID-19 illness and outcomes in immunocompromised individuals during the first pandemic wave in Sydney, Australia, ,

Cromer D; Steain M; Reynaldi A; Schlub T; Sasson S; Kent S; Khoury D; Davenport MP, 2022, Neutralising antibodies predict protection from severe COVID-19, ,

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