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Barbieri S; Härmä KH; Thoeny HC, 2019, 'Imaging of lymph nodes', in Hamm B; Forstner R; Cunha TM (ed.), MRI and CT of the female pelvis, Springer, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 369 - 379,

Klein J; Barbieri S; Stuke H; Bauer M; Egger J; Nimsky C; Hahn H, 2010, 'On the Reliability of Diffusion Neuroimaging', in Marta Del-Ben C (ed.), Neuroimaging, IntechOpen

Barbieri S; Welk M; Weickert J, 2009, 'A variational approach to the registration of tensor-valued images', in Aja-Fernández S; de Luis García R; Tao D; Li X (ed.), Tensors in Image Processing and Computer Vision, Springer, London, pp. 59 - 77

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