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Boon M; Oberstein SL; Chu BS; Wood JM, 2016, 'Views and practices of Australian optometrists regarding driving for patients with central visual impairment.', Clinical and Experimental Optometry, vol. 99, pp. 476 - 483,

Bentley SA; Jackson AJ; Johnston AW; Napper GA; Hodgson M; Soong GP; Oberstein SL; Chong MFA; Baggoley G; Adams K; Berdoukas P; Boulos J; Calder L; Cochrane A; Fakih Z; Herse P; Ho M; Huang I; Kalff S; Kavanagh R; Main R; Maver A; Vincent S, 2014, 'Advancing low vision services: A plan for Australian optometry', Clinical and Experimental Optometry, vol. 97, pp. 214 - 220,

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