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Stringer T; Joanis M; Abdoli S, 2024, 'Power generation mix and electricity price', Renewable Energy, 221,

Li J; Wang C; Abdoli S; Yuen ACY; Kook S; Yeoh GH; Chan QN, 2024, 'Economic burden of transport related pollution in Australia', Journal of Transport and Health, 34,

Fuchs R; Abdoli S; Kilani M; Nor-Azman NA; Yu R; Tang SY; Dickey MD; Mao G; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Tang J, 2024, 'Stroking through Electrolyte: Liquid Metal Droplet Propulsion through Pulse Time Modulation', Advanced Functional Materials,

Abdoli S, 2023, 'A framework for analysing the environmental impact and support decision making in sustainable development context', Environment Systems and Decisions, 43, pp. 281 - 297,

Taghinezhad J; Abdoli S; Silva V; Sheidaei S; Alimardani R; Mahmoodi E, 2023, 'Computational fluid dynamic and response surface methodology coupling: A new method for optimization of the duct to be used in ducted wind turbines', Heliyon, 9,

Abdoli S, 2023, 'A modelling framework to support integrated design of production systems at early design stages', International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing, 17, pp. 353 - 370,

Abdoli S; Bahramimianrood B, 2023, 'A target-driven framework for assessing the effectiveness of product-service-system development approaches at System of Systems level', Procedia CIRP, 119, pp. 229 - 234,

Kamateros G; Abdoli S, 2023, 'Automated Disassembly of Lithium Batteries; Methods, Challenges, and a Roadmap', Procedia CIRP, 119, pp. 1216 - 1221,

Ji X; Abdoli S, 2023, 'Challenges and Opportunities in Product Life Cycle Management in the Context of Industry 4.0', Procedia CIRP, 119, pp. 29 - 34,

Abdoli S, 2022, 'Application of fuzzy-logic for design assessment of complex engineering systems in the early design stages', Journal of Engineering Design, 33, pp. 234 - 258,

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Abdoli S; Kara S; Hauschild M, 2019, 'An investigation into environmental impact of system of systems', Procedia CIRP, 80, pp. 584 - 589,

Abdoli S; Juraschek M; Thiede S; Kara S; Herrmann C, 2019, 'An investigation into holistic planning of urban factories', Procedia CIRP, 80, pp. 649 - 654,

Abdoli S; Kara S; Hauschild M, 2019, 'System interaction, System of Systems, and environmental impact of products', CIRP Annals, 68, pp. 17 - 20,

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Abdoli S; Kara S; Kornfeld B, 2016, 'Application of Dynamic Value Stream Mapping in Warehousing Context', Modern Applied Science, 11, pp. 76 - 76,

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