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Yuen WS; Walsberger S; Sutherland R; Price K; Degenhardt L; Reakes K; Cerio R; Woolley N; King C; Spencer E; Vaughan M; Watson L; Miller N; Clay S; Symes E; Peacock A, 2023, Alcohol-related behaviours, beliefs, and knowledge regarding cancer risk related to alcohol in the New South Wales LGBTQ+ community, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Sydney, 354,,

Clay S; Yuen WS; Spencer E; Peacock A; Walsberger S; Price K; Sutherland R; Degenhardt L; Popovski H, 2023, Perceptions of risky alcohol use, health risks related to alcohol, and alcohol-related help-seeking in the LGBTQ+ community,

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