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Gong H; Ma S; Camtepe S; Nepal S; Xu C, 2022, 'Vulnerability Detection Using Deep Learning Based Function Classification', in , pp. 3 - 22,

Mai L; Yan Y; Jia S; Wang S; Wang J; Li J; Ma S; Gu D, 2020, 'Accelerating SM2 Digital Signature Algorithm Using Modern Processor Features', in , pp. 430 - 446,

Han RD; Yang C; Ma JF; Ma S; Wang YB; Li F, 2020, 'IMShell-Dec: Pay More Attention to External Links in PowerShell', in , pp. 189 - 202,

Ma S; Thung F; Lo D; Sun C; Deng RH, 2017, 'VuRLE: Automatic vulnerability detection and repair by learning from examples', in , pp. 229 - 246,

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