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Tynan B; Zhou Y; Brown SA; Dai L; Rider AN; Wang CH, 2023, 'Structural supercapacitor electrodes for energy storage by electroless deposition of MnO2 on carbon nanotube mats', Composites Science and Technology, 238,

Sha Z; Cheng X; Islam MS; Sangkarat P; Chang W; Brown SA; Wu S; Zhang J; Han Z; Peng S; Wang CH, 2023, 'Synergistically enhancing the electrical conductivity of carbon fibre reinforced polymers by vertical graphene and silver nanowires', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 168,

Charles ADM; Rider AN; Brown SA; Wang CH, 2022, 'High aspect ratio galfenol flakes for high strain efficiency and sensing performance of magnetostrictive polymer composites', Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 10, pp. 16865 - 16877,

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Li X; Brown SA; Joosten MW; Pearce GM, 2022, 'A segment-to-segment cohesive contact network approach for mesoscale composites failure modelling', Composite Structures, 284, pp. 115205,

Li X; Brown SA; Joosten MW; Pearce GM, 2022, 'Tow wise modelling of non-conventional automated fibre placement composites: short beam shear study', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 154,

Chen J; Zhou Y; Islam MS; Cheng X; Brown SA; Han Z; Rider AN; Wang CH, 2021, 'Carbon fiber reinforced Zn–MnO2 structural composite batteries', Composites Science and Technology, 209,

Sha Z; Zhou Y; Huang F; Yang W; Yu Y; Zhang J; Wu S; Brown SA; Peng S; Han Z; Wang CH, 2021, 'Carbon fibre electrodes for ultra long cycle life pseudocapacitors by engineering the nano-structure of vertical graphene and manganese dioxides', Carbon, 177, pp. 260 - 270,

Huang F; Singer G; Zhou Y; Sha Z; Chen J; Han Z; Brown SA; Zhang J; Wang CH, 2021, 'Creating ionic pathways in solid-state polymer electrolyte by using PVA-coated carbon nanofibers', Composites Science and Technology, 207,

Chen J; Liang J; Zhou Y; Sha Z; Lim S; Huang F; Han Z; Brown SA; Cao L; Wang DW; Wang CH, 2021, 'A vertical graphene enhanced Zn-MnO2flexible battery towards wearable electronic devices', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9, pp. 575 - 584,

Sha Z; Huang F; Zhou Y; Zhang J; Wu S; Chen J; Brown SA; Peng S; Han Z; Wang CH, 2021, 'Synergies of vertical graphene and manganese dioxide in enhancing the energy density of carbon fibre-based structural supercapacitors', Composites Science and Technology, 201,

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Charles ADM; Rider AN; Brown SA; Wang CH, 2020, 'Improving the actuation performance of magneto-polymer composites by silane functionalisation of carbonyl-iron particles', Composites Part B: Engineering, 196,

Sha Z; Han Z; Wu S; Zhang F; Islam MS; Brown SA; Wang CH, 2019, 'Low-temperature plasma assisted growth of vertical graphene for enhancing carbon fibre/epoxy interfacial strength', Composites Science and Technology, 184,

Brown SA; Tong L, 2012, 'Validation and enhancements for the localised experimental-numerical technique', Composites Part B: Engineering, 43, pp. 2359 - 2374,

Brown SA; Tong L, 2011, 'A localised experimental-numerical technique for determining mixed mode strain energy release rates', Composite Structures, 94, pp. 132 - 142,

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