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Vinzent A; Fredes-Torres M; Shakeshaft A; Doran CM; Settumba S; Clifford-Motopi A; Tran AD, 2023, 'Health utilities among Aboriginal people attending residential rehabilitation services in New South Wales, Australia: An observational follow-up study', Drug and Alcohol Review, 42, pp. 248 - 257,

Simpson PL; Settumba S; Adily A; Ton B; Butler T, 2021, 'Defining Optimal Post-prison Care for Those With Psychosis: A Delphi Study', Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12,

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Chambers GM; Settumba SN; Carey KA; Cairns A; Menezes MP; Ryan M; Farrar MA, 2020, 'Prenusinersen economic and health-related quality of life burden of spinal muscular atrophy', Neurology, 95, pp. 1 - 10,

Pineda-Antunez C; Martinez-Silva G; Cerecero-Garcia D; Alexander L; Cameron DB; Chiwevu C; Dandona L; Obure CD; Forsythe S; Nguyen VT; Settumba S; Tchuenche M; Van Minh H; Kahn JG; Gomez G; Sweeney S; Vassall A; Bollinger L; Levin C; Bautista-Arredondo S, 2019, 'Meta-analysis of average costs of HIV testing and counselling and voluntary medical male circumcision across thirteen countries', African Journal of AIDS Research, 18, pp. 341 - 349,

Settumba SN; Shanahan M; Butler T; Schofield P; Lafferty L; Simpson P; Chambers G, 2019, 'Developing Attributes and Attribute-Levels for a Discrete-Choice Experiment: An Example for Interventions of Impulsive Violent Offenders.', Applied Health Economics and Health Policy,

Settumba SN; Shanahan M; Botha W; Ramli MZ; Chambers GM, 2019, 'Reliability and Validity of the Contingent Valuation Method for Estimating Willingness to Pay: A Case of In Vitro Fertilisation', Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 17, pp. 103 - 110,

Settumba SN; Shanahan M; Chambers GM; Schofield P; Butler T; Stolk SS, 2019, 'Assessing societal and offender perspectives on the value of offender healthcare: A stated preference research protocol', BMJ Open, 9, pp. e024899,

Soremekun S; Kasteng F; Lingam R; Vassall A; Kertho E; Settumba S; Etou PL; Nanyonjo A; Asbroek GT; Kallander K; Kirkwood B, 2018, 'Variation in the quality and out-of-pocket cost of treatment for childhood malaria, diarrhoea, and pneumonia: Community and facility based care in rural Uganda', PLoS ONE, 13,

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Settumba N; Garrick SC, 2003, 'Direct numerical simulation of nanoparticle coagulation in a temporal mixing layer via a moment method', Journal of Aerosol Science, 34, pp. 149 - 167,

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