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Kim TW; Lee H; Kim MY; Kim SA; Duhachek A, 2023, 'AI increases unethical consumer behavior due to reduced anticipatory guilt', Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 51, pp. 785 - 801,

Kwon O; Singh T; Kim SA, 2023, 'The competing roles of variety seeking in new brand adoption', Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 72,

Kim Y; Kim SA; Arora N, 2022, 'GMO Labeling Policy and Consumer Choice', Journal of Marketing, 86, pp. 21 - 39,

Li J; Kim SA, 2022, 'Manufacturer returns: An empirical study', Journal of Inter-Organizational Relationships, 28, pp. 50 - 63,

Kim TW; Duhachek A; Herd K; Kim SA, 2022, 'Toward a goal-based paradigm of contagion', European Journal of Marketing,

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