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Krul E; Paik H-Y; Ruj S; Kanhere SS, 2024, SoK: Trusting Self-Sovereign Identity,

Ma B; Pathak VN; Liu L; Ruj S, 2023, One-Phase Batch Update on Sparse Merkle Trees for Rollups, ,

Chamikara MAP; Jang SI; Oppermann I; Liu D; Roberto M; Ruj S; Pal A; Mohammady M; Camtepe S; Young S; Dorrian C; David N, 2023, OptimShare: A Unified Framework for Privacy Preserving Data Sharing -- Towards the Practical Utility of Data with Privacy, ,

Sengupta J; Ruj S; Bit SD, 2023, FairShare: Blockchain Enabled Fair, Accountable and Secure Data Sharing for Industrial IoT, ,

Ruj S; Pal A, 2022, Cascading Failures in Smart Grids under Random, Targeted and Adaptive Attacks, ,

Sengupta J; Ruj S; Bit SD, 2022, SPRITE: A Scalable Privacy-Preserving and Verifiable Collaborative Learning for Industrial IoT, ,

Mazumdar S; Banerjee P; Sinha A; Ruj S; Roy B, 2022, Strategic Analysis of Griefing Attack in Lightning Network, ,

Das D, 2021, Application of Blockchain in Healthcare and Health Insurance Sector, ,

Ahmed N; Michelin RA; Xue W; Putra GD; Ruj S; Kanhere SS; Jha S, 2021, DIMY: Enabling Privacy-preserving Contact Tracing, ,

Banerjee P; Govindarajan C; Jayachandran P; Ruj S, 2020, Reliable, Fair and Decentralized Marketplace for Content Sharing Using Blockchain, ,

Ahmed N; Michelin RA; Xue W; Ruj S; Malaney R; Kanhere SS; Seneviratne A; Hu W; Janicke H; Jha S, 2020, A Survey of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps, ,

Singh RG; Ruj S, 2020, A Technical Look At The Indian Personal Data Protection Bill, ,

Mazumdar S; Banerjee P; Ruj S, 2020, Griefing-Penalty: Countermeasure for Griefing Attack in Lightning Network, ,

Mazumdar S; Ruj S, 2020, CryptoMaze: Privacy-Preserving Splitting of Off-Chain Payments, ,

Sengupta J; Ruj S; Bit SD, 2020, A Secure Fog Based Architecture for Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, ,

Mazumdar S; Ruj S; Singh RG; Pal A, 2020, HushRelay: A Privacy-Preserving, Efficient, and Scalable Routing Algorithm for Off-Chain Payments, ,

Banerjee P; Behl D; Kodeswaran P; Kumar C; Ruj S; Sen S, 2020, Verifiable and Auditable Digital Interchange Framework, ,

Sardar L; Ruj S, 2019, FSPVDsse: A Forward Secure Publicly Verifiable Dynamic SSE scheme, ,

Banerjee P; Nikam N; Mazumdar S; Ruj S, 2019, Cumulus: Blockchain-Enabled Privacy Preserving Data Audit in Cloud, ,

Sardar L; Ruj S, 2019, The Secure Link Prediction Problem, ,

Banerjee P; Ruj S, 2018, Blockchain Enabled Data Marketplace -- Design and Challenges, ,

Mazumdar S; Ruj S, 2018, Design of Anonymous Endorsement System in Hyperledger Fabric, ,

Sengupta B; Nikam N; Ruj S; Narayanamurthy S; Nandi S, 2018, An Efficient Secure Distributed Cloud Storage for Append-only Data, ,

Conti M; Gangwal A; Ruj S, 2018, On the Economic Significance of Ransomware Campaigns: A Bitcoin Transactions Perspective, ,

Sengupta B; Ruj S, 2017, Keyword-Based Delegable Proofs of Storage, ,

Sengupta B; Ruj S, 2017, Cloud Data Auditing Using Proofs of Retrievability, ,

Conti M; E SK; Lal C; Ruj S, 2017, A Survey on Security and Privacy Issues of Bitcoin, ,

Singh A; Sengupta B; Ruj S, 2017, Certificate Transparency with Enhancements and Short Proofs, ,

Sengupta B; Dixit A; Ruj S, 2016, Secure Cloud Storage Protocols with Data Dynamics Using Secure Network Coding Techniques, ,

Sengupta B; Ruj S, 2016, Efficient Proofs of Retrievability with Public Verifiability for Dynamic Cloud Storage, ,

Ruj S; Pal A, 2016, Preferential Attachment Model with Degree Bound and its Application to Key Predistribution in WSN, ,

Pal A; Ruj S, 2015, CITEX: A new citation index to measure the relative importance of authors and papers in scientific publications, ,

Ruj S; Pal A, 2014, Analyzing Cascading Failures in Smart Grids under Random and Targeted Attacks, ,

Ruj S; Nayak A; Stojmenovic I, 2011, A Security Architecture for Data Aggregation and Access Control in Smart Grids, ,

Ruj S; Cavenaghi MA; Huang Z; Nayak A; Stojmenovic I, 2011, Data-centric Misbehavior Detection in VANETs, ,

Bhattacharya S; Ruj S; Roy B, 2011, Combinatorial Batch Codes: A Lower Bound and Optimal Constructions, ,

Ruj S; Roy B, 2008, More on Combinatorial Batch Codes, ,

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