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Journal articles

Gregory T, 2021, 'A decolonial critique of ‘authentic’ pleasure in contemporary Australian heteroporn', Porn Studies,

Gregory T, 2020, 'Shaun Gladwell: Pacific Undertow', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, vol. 20, pp. 141 - 143,

Gregory T, 2018, 'Colonising antinormative sex: The flexibility of post-porn heterosex in random webcam sex', Sexualities, vol. 21, pp. 657 - 673,

Gregory T; Lorange A, 2018, 'Teaching Post-Pornography', Cultural Studies Review, vol. 24, pp. 137 - 149,

Gregory T, 2017, 'The maintenance of white heteronormativity in porn films that use Australia as an exotic location', Porn Studies, vol. 4, pp. 88 - 104,

Gregory T, 2015, 'Sexting and the politics of the image: When the invisible becomes visible in a consensus democracy', Porn Studies, vol. 2, pp. 342 - 355,

Gregory T, 2011, 'The rise of the productive non-place: The contemporary office as a state of exception', Space and Culture, vol. 14, pp. 244 - 258,

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