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Stanley SK; Heffernan T; Macleod E; Lane J; Walker I; Evans O; Greenwood LM; Kurz T; Calear AL; Reynolds J; Cruwys T; Christensen BK; Sutherland S; Rodney RM, 2024, 'Solastalgia following the Australian summer of bushfires: Qualitative and quantitative insights about environmental distress and recovery', Journal of Environmental Psychology, 95,

Brady K; Gallagher C; Molyneaux R; Sanderson D; Heffernan T; Gibbs L, 2024, 'Improving long-term disaster recovery research in Australia through boosting dataset comparability', ,

Christensen BK; Monaghan C; Stanley SK; Walker I; Leviston Z; Macleod E; Rodney RM; Greenwood L-M; Heffernan T; Evans O; Sutherland S; Reynolds J; Calear AL; Kurz T; Lane J, 2024, 'The Brief Solastalgia Scale: A Psychometric Evaluation and Revision', EcoHealth, pp. 1 - 11,

Macleod E; Heffernan T; Greenwood L-M; Walker I; Lane J; Stanley SK; Evans O; Calear AL; Cruwys T; Christensen BK; Kurz T; Lancsar E; Reynolds J; Harris RR; Sutherland S, 2023, 'Predictors of individual mental health and psychological resilience after Australia’s 2019–2020 bushfires', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 58,

Cruwys T; Macleod E; Heffernan T; Walker I; Stanley SK; Kurz T; Greenwood LM; Evans O; Calear AL, 2023, 'Social group connections support mental health following wildfire', Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, pp. 1 - 11,

Heffernan T, 2020, '“Where Is the New Constitution?” Public Protest and Community-Building in Post–Economic Collapse Iceland', Conflict and Society, 6, pp. 236 - 254,

Heffernan T; Pawlak M, 2020, 'Crisis futures: The affects and temporalities of economic collapse in Iceland', History and Anthropology, 31, pp. 314 - 330,

Heffernan T, 2020, 'Crisis and belonging: Protest voices and empathic solidarity in post-economic collapse iceland', Religions, 11, pp. 22,

Heffernan T, 2019, '“Gambling Debt: Iceland’s Rise and Fall in the Global Economy” E. Paul Durrenberger and Gísli Pálsson Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 2014', Student Anthropologist, 6, pp. 82 - 83,

Heffernan T, 2019, 'Messy Europe: crisis, race, and nation-state in a postcolonial world', SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 27, pp. 122 - 124,

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