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Baalrud SD; Lafleur T, 2021, dc electrical conductivity in strongly magnetized plasmas, ,

Bernstein DJ; Lafleur T; Daligault J; Baalrud SD, 2020, Friction Force in Strongly Magnetized Plasmas, ,

Kaganovich ID; Smolyakov A; Raitses Y; Ahedo E; Mikellides IG; Jorns B; Taccogna F; Gueroult R; Tsikata S; Bourdon A; Boeuf J-P; Keidar M; Powis AT; Merino M; Cappelli M; Hara K; Carlsson JA; Fisch NJ; Chabert P; Schweigert I; Lafleur T; Matyash K; Khrabrov AV; Boswell RW; Fruchtman A, 2020, Perspectives on Physics of ExB Discharges Relevant to Plasma Propulsion and Similar Technologies, ,

Vass M; Wilczek S; Lafleur T; Brinkmann RP; Donkó Z; Schulze J, 2019, Electron power absorption in low pressure capacitively coupled electronegative oxygen radio frequency plasmas, ,

Lafleur T; Baalrud SD, 2019, Transverse Force Induced by a Magnetized Wake, ,

Croes V; Tavant A; Lucken R; Martorelli R; Lafleur T; Bourdon A; Chabert P, 2018, The effect of alternative propellants on the electron drift instability in Hall-effect thrusters: Insight from 2D Particle-In-Cell simulations, ,

Baalrud SD; Lafleur T; Fox W; Germaschewski K, 2014, Instability-Enhanced Friction in the Presheath of Two-Ion-Species Plasmas, ,

Baalrud SD; Lafleur T; Boswell RW; Charles C, 2013, Particle-in-cell simulations of a current-free double layer, ,

Turner MM; Derzsi A; Donko Z; Eremin D; Kelly SJ; Lafleur T; Mussenbrock T, 2012, Simulation benchmarks for low-pressure plasmas: capacitive discharges, ,

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