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Hand S; Archer M; Armstrong K; Guarino-Vignon P; Hung T-T; Lopez-Aguirre C; Wilson L, 2019, 'Peculiar Cranial Morphology in Nasal-Emitting Bats (Chiroptera: Rhinonycteridae) from Miocene Forests in Northern Australia', in Journal of Morphology, Wiley, Vol. 280, pp. S38 - S38, presented at International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology

Hari-Rajan M; Archer M; Hand SJ; Wolfe J; Wilson LAB; Hung T; Bongers A, 2019, 'An Extraordinary Enigmatic Structure in the Middle Ear of Acrobatid Marsupials', in JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 280, pp. S132 - S132

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