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Bordignon M; Starichkova V, 2024, 'An explicit version of Chen’s theorem assuming the Generalized Riemann Hypothesis', Ramanujan Journal,

Simonič A; Starichkova VV, 2023, 'Atkinson's formula for the mean square of ζ(s) with an explicit error term', Journal of Number Theory, 244, pp. 111 - 168,

Mossinghoff MJ; Starichkova VV; Trudgian TS, 2022, 'Explicit lower bounds on', Journal of Number Theory, 240, pp. 641 - 655,

Starichkova V, 2018, 'Global Bifurcations in Generic One-parameter Families on S2', Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 23, pp. 767 - 784,


Johnston DR; Starichkova VV, 2022, Some explicit results on the sum of a prime and an almost prime, ,

Bordignon M; Johnston DR; Starichkova V, 2022, An explicit version of Chen's theorem, ,

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