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Lupton D; Watson A; Wozniak-O'Connor V, 2024, 'Sensory Engagements With Lively Data: Attuning to the convivialities of more-than-human worlds', in The Routledge International Handbook of Sensory Ethnography, Routledge, pp. 300 - 311,

Wozniak - O'Connor V, 2023, 'Data, Site, Materials: Robotics and Digital Fabrication Within Installation Art', in Dunstan B; Koh J; Tillman D; Brown S (ed.), Cultural Robotics: Social Robots and Their Emergent Cultural Ecologies, pp. 75 - 88,

Journal articles

Lupton D; Watson A; Wozniak-O'Connor V, 2024, 'It’s all about connecting’: using visual methods to surface the multisensory and more-than-human dimensions of health information', Visual Studies,

Lupton D; Wozniak-O'Connor V; Rose MC; Watson A, 2023, 'More-than-Human Wellbeing: Materialising the Relations, Affects, and Agencies of Health, Kinship, and Care', M/C Journal, 26,

Watson A; Wozniak-O'Connor V; Lupton D, 2023, 'Health information in creative translation: establishing a collaborative project of research and exhibition making', Health Sociology Review,

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