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Boroomandnia A; Bozorg-Haddad O; Baum S; Ndehedehe C; Zhang K; Prodanovic V, 2022, 'Basic Concepts', in Springer Water, pp. 31 - 57,

Ahmadi H; Bozorg-Haddad O; Lucas S; Prodanovic V; Zhang K, 2022, 'Climate Change Drivers', in Springer Water, pp. 59 - 93,

Journal articles

Pignatta G; Ullah KR; Santamouris M; Prodanovic V, 2024, 'Assessing the Impact of Heat Mitigation Measures on Thermal Performance and Energy Demand at the Community Level: A Pathway Toward Designing Net-zero Energy Communities', Building Simulation, pp. 1 - 22,

Zhang K; Prodanovic V; Zhao H; Zheng M; Hu S; Hong PY; Yuan Z; Deletic A, 2023, 'Exploring denitrification and anammox processes in the saturated zone of passively operated vegetated biofiltration systems', Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, 9, pp. 3062 - 3075,

Abd-ur-Rehman HM; Prodanovic V; Deletic A; Khan SJ; McDonald JA; Zhang K, 2023, 'Removal of hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and charged xenobiotic organic compounds from greywater using green wall media', Water Research, 242,

Hu Z; Hu S; Hong PY; Zhang X; Prodanovic V; Zhang K; Ye L; Deletic A; Yuan Z; Zheng M, 2023, 'Impact of electrochemically generated iron on the performance of an anaerobic wastewater treatment process', Science of the Total Environment, 875,

Prodanovic V; Zhang K; Zheng M; Hu S; Hong PY; Yuan Z; Deletic A, 2023, 'Nitrification potential of daily-watered biofiltration designs for high ammonium wastewater treatment', Science of the Total Environment, 863,

Naserisafavi N; Coyne T; Melo Zurita MDL; Zhang K; Prodanovic V, 2022, 'Community values on governing urban water nature-based solutions in Sydney, Australia', Journal of Environmental Management, 322, pp. 116063,

Hu Z; Zheng M; Hu S; Hong PY; Zhang X; Prodanovic V; Zhang K; Pikaar I; Ye L; Deletic A; Yuan Z, 2022, 'Electrochemical iron production to enhance anaerobic membrane treatment of wastewater', Water Research, 225,

Abd-ur-Rehman HM; Deletic A; Zhang K; Prodanovic V, 2022, 'The comparative performance of lightweight green wall media for the removal of xenobiotic organic compounds from domestic greywater', Water Research, 221,

Prodanovic V; Jamali B; Kuller M; Wang Y; Bach PM; Coleman RA; Metzeling L; McCarthy DT; Shi B; Deletic A, 2022, 'Calibration and sensitivity analysis of a novel water flow and pollution model for future city planning: Future Urban Stormwater Simulation (FUSS)', Water Science and Technology, 85, pp. 961 - 969,

Prodanovic V; Hatt B; Fowdar H; Al-Ameri M; Deletic A, 2022, 'Zero additional maintenance stormwater biofilters: From laboratory testing to field implementation', Blue-Green Systems, 4, pp. 291 - 309,

Hawken S; Sepasgozar SME; Prodanovic V; Jing J; Bakelmun A; Avazpour B; Che S; Zhang K, 2021, 'What makes a successful Sponge City project? Expert perceptions of critical factors in integrated urban water management in the Asia-Pacific', Sustainable Cities and Society, 75,

Zhang S; Chen J; Sang W; Li M; Prodanovic V; Zhang K, 2021, 'Metagenomic insights into the explanation of biofilter performance distinction induced by dissolved oxygen increment', Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 153, pp. 329 - 338,

Zhang S; He X; Prodanovic V; Zhang K, 2021, 'Effect of filling ratio and backwash on performance of a continuous-flow SPD reactor packed with PCL as carbon source', Water Environment Research, 93, pp. 1381 - 1390,

Zhang K; Barron NJ; Zinger Y; Hatt B; Prodanovic V; Deletic A, 2021, 'Pollutant removal performance of field scale dual-mode biofilters for stormwater, greywater, and groundwater treatment', Ecological Engineering, 163,

Zinger Y; Prodanovic V; Zhang K; Fletcher TD; Deletic A, 2021, 'The effect of intermittent drying and wetting stormwater cycles on the nutrient removal performances of two vegetated biofiltration designs', Chemosphere, 267,

Kuller M; Reid DJ; Prodanovic V, 2021, 'Are we planning blue-green infrastructure opportunistically or strategically? Insights from Sydney, Australia', Blue-Green Systems, 3, pp. 267 - 280,

Zhang J; Prodanovic V; Lintern A; Zhang K, 2021, 'Development of the data-driven models for accessing the impact of design variables on heavy metal removal in constructed wetlands', Blue-Green Systems, 3, pp. 163 - 174,

Ullah KR; Pignatta G; Prodanovic V; Deletic A; Santamouris M, 2021, 'Technological advancements towards the net-zero energy communities: A review of 23 case studies around the globe', Solar Energy, 224, pp. 1107 - 1126,

Coyne T; Melo Zurita MDL; Reid D; Prodanovic V, 2020, 'Culturally inclusive water urban design: a critical history of hydrosocial infrastructures in Southern Sydney, Australia', Blue-Green Systems, 2, pp. 364 - 382,

Bakheet B; Prodanovic V; Deletic A; McCarthy D, 2020, 'Effective treatment of greywater via green wall biofiltration and electrochemical disinfection', Water research, 185, pp. 116228,

Prodanovic V; Hatt B; McCarthy D; Deletic A, 2020, 'Green wall height and design optimisation for effective greywater pollution treatment and reuse', Journal of Environmental Management, 261,

Prodanovic V; Wang A; Deletic A, 2019, 'Assessing water retention and correlation to climate conditions of five plant species in greywater treating green walls', Water Research, 167,

Prodanovic V; McCarthy D; Hatt B; Deletic A, 2019, 'Designing green walls for greywater treatment: The role of plants and operational factors on nutrient removal', Ecological Engineering, 130, pp. 184 - 195,

Prodanovic V; Zhang K; Hatt B; McCarthy D; Deletic A, 2018, 'Optimisation of lightweight green wall media for greywater treatment and reuse', Building and Environment, 131, pp. 99 - 107,

Prodanovic V; Hatt B; McCarthy D; Zhang K; Deletic A, 2017, 'Green walls for greywater reuse: Understanding the role of media on pollutant removal', Ecological Engineering, 102, pp. 625 - 635,

Conference Papers

Guo D; Lintern A; Prodanovic V; Kuller M; Bach PM; Deleticb A; Shi B; McCarthy D; Ryua D; Webb JA; Liu S; Western AW, 2019, 'Future water: Comparing and contrasting approaches to predicting water quality', in 23rd International Congress on Modelling and Simulation - Supporting Evidence-Based Decision Making: The Role of Modelling and Simulation, MODSIM 2019, pp. 1112 - 1118

Deletic A; Zhang K; Jamali B; Charette-Castonguay A; Kuller M; Prodanovic V; Bach PM, 2019, 'Modelling to Support the Planning of Sustainable Urban Water Systems', in Mannina G (ed.), New Trends in Urban Drainage Modelling, Springer International Publishing, pp. 10 - 19

Conference Presentations

Prodanovic V; Wang A; Deletic A, 2018, 'Hydrology of Green Walls: Factor Assessment and Water Balance Modelling', presented at 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage, Palermo, Italy, 23 September 2018 - 26 September 2018

Prodanovic V; Hatt B; McCarthy D; Deletic A, 2017, 'Green walls for greywater reuse: Reducing the water stress on urban drainage systems', presented at 14th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage, Prague, Czech Republic, 10 September 2017 - 15 September 2017

Prodanovic V; Hatt B; McCarthy D; Deletic A, 2016, 'Pollutant removal process study of two media types used for greywater recycling green walls', presented at 2016 International Low Impact Development Conference, Beijing, China, 26 June 2016 - 29 June 2016

Prodanovic V; Hatt B; McCarthy D; Deletic A, 2015, 'Development of green walls for water treatment: the role of filter media', presented at 2015 Stormwater Victoria Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 05 May 2015 - 07 May 2015

Prodanovic V; Randelovic A; Deletic A; Jacimovic N, 2014, 'Dealing with uncertainty in calibration of a stormwater biofilter model', presented at 13th International Conference on Urban Drainage, Sarawak, Malaysia, 07 September 2014 - 12 September 2014,

Theses / Dissertations

Prodanovic V, 2018, Green walls for greywater reuse, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


Naseri N; Coyne T; Melo Zurita MDL; Zhang K; Salt B; Prodanovic V, Listening to the Community: Implications of Social Values on Governing Meaningful Blue-Green Infrastructure in the Urban River Ecosystem, ,

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