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Wang W, 2024, 'Building Occupancy and Smart Metering', in Circular Economy for Buildings and Infrastructure, Springer International Publishing, pp. 233 - 257,

Yuen ACY; Wang W; Li A, 2023, 'Molybdenum disulphide/polymer composites for fire safety applications', in Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Fire-Safe Polymers, pp. 235 - 261,

Journal articles

Yuan Y; Lin W; Xiao Y; Yu B; Wang W, 2024, 'Flame-retardant epoxy thermosets derived from renewable resources: Research development and future perspectives', Journal of Materials Science and Technology, 195, pp. 29 - 40,

Sun P; Jia P; Wang W; Hong N; Yu F; Chen D; Wang B; Gui Z; Hu Y, 2024, 'Unlocking anti-aging potential: Flame retardants thrive without added antioxidants', Composites Part B: Engineering, 279,

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Yuan Y; Yu B; Fu L; Sheng H; Wang W, 2024, 'The influence of well-dispersed mesoporous hydroxystannate ferrate anchored magnesium hydroxide hybrids on enhancing interfacial compatibility and fire safety of EVA/EPDM composites', Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 689,

Xing S; Wang C; Gao D; Wang W; Yuen ACY; Lee EWM; Yeoh GH; Chan QN, 2024, 'Impact of the Local Dynamics on Exit Choice Behaviour in Evacuation Model', Fire, 7, pp. 167 - 167,

Lei Y; Xu L; Chan QN; Li A; Yin Yuen AC; Yuan Y; Yeoh GH; Wang W, 2024, 'Recent advances in separator design for lithium metal batteries without dendrite formation: Implications for electric vehicles', eTransportation, 20,

Yang T; Li Q; Liu Z; Li T; Wiaderek KM; Liu Y; Yin Z; Lan S; Wang W; Tang Y; Ren Y; Liu Q, 2024, 'Stabilizing the Deep Sodiation Process in Layered Sodium Manganese Cathodes by Anchoring Boron Ions', Advanced Materials, 36,

Wei H; Jiao Y; Wang Z; Wang W; Zhang T, 2024, 'Optimal retrofitting scenarios of multi-objective energy-efficient historic building under different national goals integrating energy simulation, reduced order modelling and NSGA-II algorithm', Building Simulation,

Lin W; Yuan Y; Xu L; Wang W, 2024, 'Recent Progress in Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Flame Retardance and Fire-Warning Applications', Molecules, 29,

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Xiao Z; Niu H; Wang W; Zhou K; Hu Y; Wang X, 2024, 'Novel rich aromatic and phosphorus-containing compound cured epoxy resins toward outstanding comprehensive performances', Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 683,

Pan Y; Wang W; Liang Q; Du J; Zhang D; Zhao H; Lü T; Zhang Y, 2024, 'Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped carbon dots containing layer-by-layer self-assembled coating on UV resistance and thermal stability of cotton fabric', Cellulose, 31, pp. 1957 - 1966,

He Z; Jiang S; Liang Z; Wu L; Wang W; Hou Y; Zhang S; Attia NF, 2024, 'Novel Flame-Actuated Soft Actuator Based on a Multilayer Liquid Crystal Elastomer/Hydrogel Composite', Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 63, pp. 1432 - 1441,

De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Chen TBY; Yuen ACY; Chen Q; Yang W; Wang C; Wang W; Chan QN; Zhang J; Yeoh GH, 2024, 'Characterising flame-retardant mechanism of phosphorous-containing intumescent coating on polyethylene via ReaxFF MD simulations', Chemical Engineering Journal, 480,

Xing S; Wang C; Wang W; Cao RF; Yuen ACY; Lee EWM; Yeoh GH; Chan QN, 2024, 'A fine discrete floor field cellular automaton model with natural step length for pedestrian dynamics', Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 130,

Huang J; Yang L; Wang W; Yu B; Cao C; Bi Z; Wang J; Shen J; Song L, 2024, 'Biomimetic, highly adhesive, supramolecular nano-coatings for fire-safe polymeric foams', Progress in Organic Coatings, 186,

Liu X; Li Z; Li X; Zhang X; Zheng Y; Su W; Feng Y; Liu Y; Wu W; Sun X; Wang N; Ye X; Zhou Z; Liu W; He J; Wang W; Qu L; Zhou R; Chen L; Feng L, 2024, 'Neutralizing monoclonal antibodies protect against human adenovirus type 55 infection in transgenic mice and tree shrews', Emerging Microbes and Infections, 13,

Wang Q; Yang C; Yin L; Sun J; Wang W; Li H; Zhang Z; Chen S; Liu B; Liu Z; Shi L; Liu X; Guan S; Wang C; Qu L; Feng Y; Niu X; Feng L; Zhao J; Li P; Chen L; Zhong N, 2023, 'Correction To: Intranasal booster using an Omicron vaccine confers broad mucosal and systemic immunity against SARS-CoV-2 variants (Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, (2023), 8, 1, (167), 10.1038/s41392-023-01423-6)', Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, 8,

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Gao T; Lyu P; Wang W; Wang L; Wang D; Li H; Wang H; Yin J, 2023, 'Adverse reaction after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and its impact on underlying diseases in the elderly people over 60 years old', Chinese Journal of Clinical Research, 36, pp. 1077 - 1082,

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Han Y; Wang X; Wang W; Lee YX; Li A, 2023, 'Numerical Investigation of Transonic Flow-Induced Spontaneous Condensation in Micro-Ejector Nozzles', Micromachines, 14, pp. 1260,

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Wang W; He J; Li C; Zhang N; He X; Li Q; Sun J; Jiang R; Lei Z; Liu ZH, 2023, 'Polyvinyl alcohol/montmorillonite/magnesium diboride fibers with superior flame retardancy, strength, and flexibility', Chemical Engineering Journal, 462,

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Yuan Y; Liang C; Yuen ACY; Xu L; Yu B; Cao C; Wang W, 2022, 'Design of Hierarchically Tailored Hybrids Based on Nickle Nanocrystal-Decorated Manganese Dioxides for Enhanced Fire Safety of Epoxy Resin', International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23,

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Jiang X; Lin J; Wang W; Zhao Y; Qiu Y, 2022, 'Theories-based determinants analysis of Hib-combined vaccine hesitancy in China: A multi-group structural equation modeling', Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, 18,

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