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Abidoye R; Lim BTH; Lin YC; Ma J, 2022, 'Equipping Property Graduates for the Digital Age', Sustainability (Switzerland), 14,

Lin Y-C; Lee CL; Newell G, 2021, 'Varying interest rate sensitivity of different property sectors: cross-country evidence from REITs', Journal of Property Investment and Finance, 40, pp. 68 - 98,

Lin YC; Lee CL; Newell G, 2020, 'The added-value role of industrial and logistics REITs in the Pacific Rim region', Journal of Property Investment and Finance, 38, pp. 597 - 616,

Lin YC; Lee CL; Newell G, 2019, 'The significance of residential REITs in Japan as an institutionalised property sector', Journal of Property Investment & Finance, 37, pp. 363 - 379,

Lin YC; Cho H; Lee CL, 2019, 'The value-added role of sector-specific REITs in Australia', Pacific Rim Property Research Journal, 25, pp. 49 - 72,

Yuo S-T; Lin Y-C; Yeh C-H, 2016, 'A Space Syntax Analysis of Tenant Placement within Large-Scale Horizontal-Designed Shopping Centre', JOURNAL OF HOUSING STUDIES, 25, pp. 81 - 110,

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