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Shen Y; Chen Z; Mamalakis M; He L; Xia H; Li T; Su Y; He J; Wang YG, 2024, A Fine-tuning Dataset and Benchmark for Large Language Models for Protein Understanding, ,

Yi K; Zhou B; Shen Y; Liò P; Wang YG, 2023, Graph Denoising Diffusion for Inverse Protein Folding, ,

Liu X; Zhou B; Zhang C; Wang YG, 2023, Framelet Message Passing, ,

Shen Y; Zhou B; Xiong X; Gao R; Wang YG, 2022, How GNNs Facilitate CNNs in Mining Geometric Information from Large-Scale Medical Images, ,

Wang Y; Yi K; Liu X; Wang YG; Jin S, 2022, ACMP: Allen-Cahn Message Passing for Graph Neural Networks with Particle Phase Transition, ,

Chen H; Wang YG; Xiong H, 2022, Lower and Upper Bounds for Numbers of Linear Regions of Graph Convolutional Networks, ,

Zhou B; Jiang Y; Wang YG; Liang J; Gao J; Pan S; Zhang X, 2022, Robust Graph Representation Learning for Local Corruption Recovery, ,

Zhou B; Liu X; Liu Y; Huang Y; Liò P; Wang Y, 2021, Spectral Transform Forms Scalable Transformer, ,

Zhou B; Li R; Zheng X; Wang YG; Gao J, 2021, Graph Denoising with Framelet Regularizer, ,

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