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Manchella S; Thomas A; Su S; Botev Z; Mitchell P; Nastri A, 2023, 'Radiological analysis of maxillary artery relationships to key bony landmarks in maxillofacial surgery', British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 61, pp. 267 - 273,

Mathur A; Moka S; Botev Z, 2022, 'Coordinate Descent for Variance-Component Models', Algorithms, 15,

Botev ZI; L’Ecuyer P, 2020, 'Sampling conditionally on a rare event via generalized splitting', INFORMS Journal on Computing, 32, pp. 986 - 995,

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Ben Rached N; Mackinlay D; Botev Z; Tempone R; Alouini S, 2020, 'A Universal Splitting Estimator for the Performance Evaluation of Wireless Communications Systems', IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 19, pp. 1 - 10,

Botev Z; Salomone R; Mackinlay D, 2019, 'Fast and Accurate Computation of the Distribution of Sums of Dependent Log-Normals', Annals of Operations Research, 280, pp. 19 - 46,

Parick L; Robert S; Botev Z; Salomone R; Laub P, 2018, 'Monte Carlo estimation of the density of the sum of dependent random variables', Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 161, pp. 23 - 31,

Ben Rached N; Botev Z; Kammoun A; Alouini M-S; Tempone R, 2018, 'On the Sum of Order Statistics and Applications to Wireless Communication Systems Performances', IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 17, pp. 7801 - 7813,

Botev Z; Ridder A; Rojas-Nandayapa L, 2016, 'Semiparametric Cross Entropy For Rare-Event Simulation', Journal of Applied Probability, 53, pp. 633 - 649,

Vaisman R; Botev ZI; Ridder A, 2016, 'Sequential Monte Carlo for counting vertex covers in general graphs', Statistics and Computing, 26, pp. 591 - 607,

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Botev ZI; L'Ecuyer P; Simard R; Tuffin B, 2016, 'Static Network Reliability Estimation under the Marshall-Olkin Copula', ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation, 26,

Botev ZI; Lloyd CJ, 2015, 'Importance accelerated robbins-monro recursion with applications to parametric confidence limits', Electronic Journal of Statistics, 9, pp. 2058 - 2075,

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Botev Z; Kroese D, 2012, 'Efficient Monte Carlo simulation via the generalized splitting method', Statistics and Computing, 22, pp. 1 - 16

Botev Z; Kroese D, 2011, 'The generalized cross entropy method, with applications to probability density estimation', Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 13, pp. 1 - 27,

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