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Trakman L; Musaleyan D, Caveat Investor - Where Do Things Stand Now?,

Trakman L, China and Foreign Direct Investment: Looking Ahead,

Walters R, Data Protection Law A Comparative Analysis of Asia Pacific and European Approaches,

Trakman L; Walters R; Zeller B, Digital Consent and Data Protection Law – Europe and Asia-Pacific Experience,

Trakman L, Geopolitics, China, and Investor-Stale Arbitration,

Trakman L; Sharma K, Indonesia's Termination of the Netherlands Indonesia BIT: Broader Implications in the Asia-Pacific?,

Trakman L, Instituting Investment Claims Under the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement,

Trakman L; Walters R; Zeller B, Is Privacy and Personal Data Set to Become the New Intellectual Property?,

Trakman L; Sharma K, Jumping Back and Forth between Domestic Courts and ISDS: Mixed Signals from the Asia-Pacific Region,

Zeller B; Trakman L, Mediation and Arbitration: The Process of Enforcement,

Trakman L; Montgomery H, The Judicializationn of International Commercial Arbitration: Pitfall or Virtue?,

Walters R; Trakman L, The Fragmented Approach Toward Close‑Out Netting Provisions in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore Compared,

Armstrong SP; Kurtz J; Nottage LR; Trakman L, The Fundamental Importance of Foreign Direct Investment to Australia in the 21st Century: Reforming Treaty and Dispute Resolution Practice,

Trakman L, The Reform of Commercial Arbitration in Australia: Recent and Prospective Developments,

Trakman L; Musayelyan D, The Repudiation of InvestorrState Arbitration and Subsequent Treaty Practice: The Resurgence of Qualified InvestorrState Arbitration,

Dewi S; Walters R; Trakman L; Zeller B, The Role of International Mediation in Data Protection and Privacy Law - Can It be Effective?,

Trakman L; Walters R; Zeller B, Tort and Data Protection: Are There Any Lessons to be Learnt?,

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