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Mazza D; McCarthy E; Carey M; Turner L; Harris M, 2019, “90% of the time, it's not just weight”: General practitioner and practice staff perspectives regarding the barriers and enablers to obesity guideline implementation,

Liaw T; Ansari S; Jonnagaddala J; Narasimhan P; Ashraf MM; Harris-Roxas B; Harris M, 2019, A review of the use of mHealth to promote healthy ageing and support the delivery of age-friendly health care services in the Western Pacific Region

Harris M; Haigh F; Fatema K; Hirono K; Crimeen A; de Leeuw E, 2019, A literature review of gender-sensitive and equity focused service delivery models

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Harris M; Fatema K; Spooner C; Harris-Roxas B; Mahimbo A; Barr M; Sitas F, 2019, Review of effectiveness of certain healthy lifestyle interventions to reduce alcohol consumption, increase levels of physical activity and healthy eating and reduce overweight and obesity (2014-2019). An Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the Cancer Institute NSW, Sax Institute, Sydney

Taggart J; Harris M, 2018, CESPHN Shared Care Planning Study Report

Taggart J; Harris MF; Chin M, 2018, Cancer Shared eCare Plan Information Requirements and Care Plan Templates Jan 2018,

Welberry H; Comino E; Barr M; Harris M; Harris E; Harris-Roxas B, 2018, Access to measures of multidisciplinary/integrated care for participants attending general practice and impact on health service utilisation, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, Sydney,

Barr M; Welberry H; Comino E; Harris-Roxas B; Lloyd J; Harris E; Hall J; Harris M, 2018, General Practitioner follow-up after hospitalisation in the Central and Eastern Sydney area, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, UNSW, Sydney,

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Taggart J; Yu H; Harris M, 2017, Cancer Shared e-Care Plan Report,,

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Thomas L; Harris-Roxas B; Vukelic D; McDonald J; Powell Davies G; Findlay T; Harris MF, 2017, Rapid Review of Integrated Care Interventions: Final report, UNSW Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, Sydney

Jaques K; Hasan I; Harris-Roxas B; Harris M; Liaw T, 2017, Review of the SWSPHN After Hours Program and model development

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Gray J; Karnon J; Spooner C; Harris MF, 2016, Improving implementation of the 5As of obesity management in general practice. Report prepared for the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, Centre for Obesity Management and Prevention Research Excellence in Primary Health Care, Canberra,,

Harris MF; Faruqi N; Stocks N; Spooner CJ; Hermiz O; El-Haddad N; Liaw T; Lloyd J; Lymer S; Caterson I, 2016, Weight management for patients in general practice tailored to health literacy,,

Lo WW; Russell G; Harris M; Cheng I-H; Kay M; Vasi S; Joshi C; Chan B; Wahidi S; Advocat J; Pottie K; Smith M; Furler J, 2013, Coordinated primary health care for refugees: a best practice framework for Australia.,

Harris E; Haigh FA; Baum F; Harris-Roxas B; Kemp L; Ng Chok H; Spickett J; Keleher H; Morgan R; Harris M; Dannenberg A, 2013, Effectiveness of Health Impact Assessment in New Zealand and Australia 2005-2009, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,,

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Pascoe S; Powell-Davies PG; Harris MF, 2006, Integrating Chronic Disease Self Management into General Practice: A Scoping Paper., GPCIS, Sydney, Australia

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