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Select Publications

Edited Books

Hetherington S, (ed.), 2024, Extreme Philosophy: Bold Ideas and a Spirit of Progress, Routledge, New York

Hetherington S; Macarthur D, (ed.), 2022, Living Skepticism: Essays in Epistemology and Beyond, Brill, Leiden

Hetherington S; Smith ND, (ed.), 2020, What the Ancients Offer to Contemporary Epistemology, Routledge, New York

Hetherington S, (ed.), 2019, Epistemology: The Key Thinkers, Bloomsbury Academic

Hetherington S; Valaris M, (ed.), 2019, Knowledge in Contemporary Philosophy, Bloomsbury Academic, London

Hetherington S, (ed.), 2019, The Gettier Problem, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK

Hetherington S, (ed.), 2019, The Philosophy of Knowledge: A History, Bloomsbury Academic, London

Hetherington SC, (ed.), 2017, What Makes a Philosopher Great? Thirteen Arguments for Twelve Philosophers, Routledge, New York

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