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Sarfaraz A; Chakrabortty RK; Essam DL, 2022, 'The implications of blockchain-coordinated information sharing within a supply chain: A simulation study', Blockchain Research and Applications, pp. 100110 - 100110,

Sarfaraz A; Chakrabortty R; Essam D, 2020, 'A Tree Structure-based Improved Blockchain Framework for a Secure Online Bidding System', Computers and Security, vol. 102,

Fayyaz MA; Anjum A; Ziauddin S; Khan A; Sarfaraz A, 2020, 'An improved surveillance video forgery detection technique using sensor pattern noise and correlation of noise residues', Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 79, pp. 5767 - 5788,

Khan A; Sarfaraz A, 2019, 'FFT-ETM based distortion less and high payload image steganography', Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 78, pp. 25999 - 26022,

Noor R; Khan A; Sarfaraz A, 2019, 'High Performance and Energy Efficient Image Watermarking for Video Using a Mobile Device', Wireless Personal Communications, vol. 104, pp. 1535 - 1551,

Noor R; Khan A; Sarfaraz A; Mehmood Z; Cheema AM, 2019, 'Highly robust hybrid image watermarking approach using Tchebichef transform with secured PCA and CAT encryption', Soft Computing, vol. 23, pp. 9821 - 9829,

Khan A; Sarfaraz A, 2019, 'Novel high-capacity robust and imperceptible image steganography scheme using multi-flipped permutations and frequency entropy matching method', Soft Computing, vol. 23, pp. 8045 - 8056,

Khan A; Sarfaraz A, 2019, 'RNN-LSTM-GRU based language transformation', Soft Computing, vol. 23, pp. 13007 - 13024,

Khan A; Sarfaraz A, 2018, 'Practical Guidelines for Securing Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)', International Journal of Security and Its Applications, vol. 12, pp. 19 - 28,

Sarfaraz A; Khan A, 2018, 'Feature Selection Based Correlation Attack on HTTPS Secure Searching', Wireless Personal Communications, vol. 103, pp. 2995 - 3008,

Sarfaraz A; Shaban M, 2015, 'Real-Time Volume Rendering of FCC Datasets Using Box-Splines on the Mobile Platforms', British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science, vol. 11, pp. 1 - 15,

김민호 ; Aaliya Sarfaraz ; 김현준 , 2013, 'Efficient GPU Isosurface Ray-casting of BCC Datasets', Journal of the Korea Computer Graphics Society, vol. 19, pp. 19 - 27,

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