Select Publications

Book Chapters

Blyth A, 2020, 'Civitas to Pub Test', in Frame T (ed.), Getting Practical about the Public Interest, Connor Court Publishing, pp. 51 - 63

Blyth A, 2019, ''The editorial view'', in Frame T (ed.), Trials and Transformations, 2001-2004 The Howard Government, UNSW Press, pp. 15 - 23

Blyth A, 2018, 'The first and second Howard ministries', in Frame T (ed.), Back from the Brink, 1997-2001 The Howard Government, Vol II, UNSW Press, pp. 290 - 308

Blyth AC, 2017, 'Entrepreneurship for post conflict reconstruction', in Frame T (ed.), The long road : Australia's train, advise and assist missions, NewSouth Publishing, Sydney, N.S.W., pp. 312 - 325

Blyth AC, 2017, 'Compulsion and liberty in the trial of Albert Langer', in Frame T (ed.), The Ascent to Power, 1996: The Howard Government, Volume 1, UNSW Press, pp. 127 - 138

Edited Books

Frame T, (ed.), 2019, Trials and Transformations, 2001-2004: The Howard Government, Vol III

Journal articles

Blyth AC, 2015, 'Entrepreneurship as a solution to poverty', The Canberra Times,

Blyth AC, 2015, 'Crowdfunding might be portal to energy access', The Canberra Times

Blyth AC, 2015, 'Support small business to drive Canberra's economic recovery', The Canberra Times

Blyth AC, 2015, 'Simplicity in water regulation a worthy goal', The Canberra Times

Blyth AC, 2013, 'Small success needs support', The Canberra Times

Conference Papers

Blyth AC, 2016, 'Post-conflict reconstruction and entrepreneurship', UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy, presented at The Long Road: the Future of Indigenous Capability Development, UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy, 04 May 2016 - 05 May 2016

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