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Doumit M; Ledwos R; Plush L; Chuang S; Gray M; Jaffe A; McBride J, 2022, 'Telehealth application of an ultrasonic home spirometer', Archives of Disease in Childhood, 107,

Mizrahi D; Fardell JE; Cohn RJ; Partin RE; Howell CR; Hudson MM; Robison LL; Ness KK; McBride J; Field P; Wakefield CE; Simar D, 2020, 'The 6-minute walk test is a good predictor of cardiorespiratory fitness in childhood cancer survivors when access to comprehensive testing is limited', International Journal of Cancer, 147, pp. 847 - 855,

Mizrahi D; Wakefield CE; Simar D; Ha L; McBride J; Field P; Cohn RJ; Fardell JE, 2020, 'Barriers and enablers to physical activity and aerobic fitness deficits among childhood cancer survivors', Pediatric Blood and Cancer, 67,

Upendran Y; Leach ST; Singh H; McBride J; Thomas PS; Belessis Y; Krishnan U, 2020, 'Pepsin as a Marker of Reflux Aspiration in Children With Esophageal Atresia: A Pilot Study', Frontiers in Pediatrics, 8,

Lin B; Kennedy B; McBride J; Dalla-Pozza L; Trahair T; McCowage G; Coward E; Plush L; Robinson P; Hardaker K; Widger J; Ng A; Jaffe A; Selvadurai H, 2017, 'Long-Term Pulmonary Morbidity of Respiratory Viral Infections During Chemotherapy in Children with Leukemia', PEDIATRIC BLOOD & CANCER, 64, pp. S31 - S31,

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