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Rao NRH; Henderson RK, 2022, 'Unit operations applied for microalgae-based solid–liquid separation', in 3rd Generation Biofuels: Disruptive Technologies to Enable Commercial Production, pp. 175 - 212,

Journal articles

Rao NRH; Linge KL; Li X; Joll CA; Khan SJ; Henderson RK, 2023, 'Relating algal-derived extracellular and intracellular dissolved organic nitrogen with nitrogenous disinfection by-product formation', Water Research, 233,

Rao NRH; Beyer VP; Henderson RK; Thielemans W; Muylaert K, 2023, 'Microalgae harvesting using flocculation and dissolved air flotation: Selecting the right vessel for lab-scale experiments', Bioresource Technology, 374,

Rao NRH; Gonzalez-Torres A; Tamburic B; Wong YW; Foubert I; Muylaert K; Henderson RK; Vandamme D, 2023, 'The influence of physical floc properties on the separation of marine microalgae via alkaline flocculation followed by dissolved air flotation', Algal Research, 71,

Rao NRH; Chu X; Hadinoto K; Angelina ; Zhou R; Zhang T; Soltani B; Bailey CG; Trujillo FJ; Leslie GL; Prescott SW; Cullen PJ; Henderson RK, 2023, 'Algal cell inactivation and damage via cold plasma-activated bubbles: Mechanistic insights and process benefits', Chemical Engineering Journal, 454,

Hadinoto K; Rao NRH; Astorga JB; Zhou R; Biazik J; Zhang T; Masood H; Cullen PJ; Prescott S; Henderson RK; Trujillo FJ; Hanumanth Rao N, 2023, 'Hybrid plasma discharges for energy-efficient production of plasma-activated water', Chemical Engineering Journal, 451, pp. 138643,

Mustafa ZZ; Rao NRH; Johnston-Hall G; Henderson RK; Leslie GL; Le-Clech P, 2022, 'Membrane fouling during algal blooms: Impact of extracellular algal organic matter feed and membrane surface properties', Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 10,

Chu X; Agostino A; Rao NRH; Moradi S; Bustamante H; Power K; Henderson RK; Leslie GL, 2022, 'Application of a combination of oxidants improves treatment performance for NOM and manganese', Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, 8, pp. 2705 - 2718,

Yap RKL; Rao NRH; Holmes M; Whittaker M; Stuetz RM; Jefferson B; Bulmuş V; Peirson WL; Henderson RK, 2022, 'Evaluating the performance of conventional DAF and PosiDAF processes for cyanobacteria separation at a pilot plant scale', H2Open Journal, 5, pp. 275 - 288,

Mustafa ZZ; Rao NRH; Henderson RK; Leslie GL; Le-Clech P, 2022, 'Considerations of the limitations of commonly applied characterisation methods in understanding protein-driven irreversible fouling', Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, 8, pp. 343 - 357,

Agostino A; Rao NRH; Paul S; Zhang Z; Leslie G; Le-Clech P; Henderson R, 2021, 'Polymer leachates emulate naturally derived fluorescent dissolved organic matter: Understanding and managing sample container interferences', Water Research, 204,

Rao NRH; Tamburic B; Doan YTT; Nguyen BD; Henderson RK, 2021, 'Algal biotechnology in Australia and Vietnam: Opportunities and challenges', Algal Research, 56,

Rao NRH; Granville AM; Henderson RK, 2021, 'Understanding variability in algal solid-liquid separation process outcomes by manipulating extracellular protein-carbohydrate interactions', Water Research, 190,

Shutova Y; Rao NRH; Zamyadi A; Baker A; Bridgeman J; Lau B; Henderson RK, 2020, 'Characterisation of dissolved organic matter to optimise powdered activated carbon and clarification removal efficiency', Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, 6, pp. 2065 - 2077,

Rao NRH; Granville AM; Wich PR; Henderson RK, 2020, 'Detailed algal extracellular carbohydrate-protein characterisation lends insight into algal solid-liquid separation process outcomes', Water Research, 178,

Li X; Rao NRH; Linge KL; Joll CA; Khan S; Henderson RK; Hanumanth Rao N, 2020, 'Formation of algal-derived nitrogenous disinfection by-products during chlorination and chloramination', Water Research, 183, pp. 116047 - 116047,

Li X; Rao NRH; Linge KL; Joll CA; Khan S; Henderson RK, 2019, 'An evaluation of measurement techniques for algal-derived organic nitrogen', Water Research, 165,

Imran Khan S; Zamyadi A; Hanumanth Rao NR; Li X; Stuetz R; Henderson R, 2019, 'Fluorescence spectroscopic characterisation of algal organic matter: towards improved in situ fluorometer development', Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 5, pp. 417 - 432,

Hanumanth Rao NR; Granville AM; Browne CI; Dagastine RR; Yap R; Jefferson B; Henderson RK, 2018, 'Determining how polymer-bubble interactions impact algal separation using the novel “Posi”-dissolved air flotation process', Separation and Purification Technology, 201, pp. 139 - 147,

Hanumanth Rao NR; Yap R; Whittaker M; Stuetz RM; Jefferson B; Peirson WL; Granville AM; Henderson RK, 2018, 'The role of algal organic matter in the separation of algae and cyanobacteria using the novel “Posi” - Dissolved air flotation process', Water Research, 130, pp. 20 - 30,

Conference Papers

Hanumanth Rao NR; Yap R; Granville A; Stuetz R; Henderson RK, 2016, 'Algae flotation using PosiDAF: A comparison of polymers as bubble surface modifiers', Toulouse, France, presented at 7th International IWA conference on water and wastewater systems, Toulouse, France, 26 September 2016 - 30 September 2016,

Hanumanth Rao NR; Granville A; Henderson R, 2015, 'New approach to dissolved air flotation: Bubble surface modification using tailored polymers', Honolulu, Hawaii, presented at Pacifichem, Honolulu, Hawaii, 15 December 2015 - 20 December 2015,

Henderson R; Yap R; Stuetz R; Peirson W; Whittaker M; Hanumanth Rao NR; Granville A; Jefferson B, 2015, 'PosiDAF: Simplifying flotation for algal cell separation', Melbourne, presented at Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress 2015: APCChE 2015, incorporating CHEMECA 2015, Melbourne, 27 September 2015 - 01 October 2015,

Conference Presentations

Moradi S; Kim S; Agostino A; Hanumanth Rao NR; Sharma A; Leslie G; Henderson R, 2019, 'Machine learning application for estimation of natural organic matter in water using climatological parameters', presented at NOM7 IWA Specialist Conference on Natural Organic Matter in Water 2019, Tokyo, Japan, 07 October 2019 - 10 October 2019

Agostino A; Hanumanth Rao NR; Moradi S; Hamilton L; Leslie G; Henderson R, 2019, 'A multi-technique assessment on the flux of natural organic matter across an Australian water supply catchment', presented at EGU19 European Geosciences Union Annual General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 07 April 2019 - 12 April 2019,

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