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Greenleaf G;Chung P;Mowbray A, 2017, 'Free scholarship: Developing a national legal scholarship library', in Peruginelli ;Faro (ed.), Access to legal scholarship: Tools, approaches, technologies, Giappichelli

Chung P;Greenleaf G;Mowbray A, 2016, 'Models for a global system for free access to legal information: the WorldLII approach', in Weth S;Oostrom SV (ed.), Festschrift fur Maximilian Herberger, juris GmbH, pp. 193 - 193

Greenleaf G;Mowbray A;Chung P, 2007, 'Networking LIIs: how free access to law fits together', in Holmes ;Venables (ed.), Legal Web 2007/2008: Legal Information Topics, infolaw Limited

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