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Journal articles

Lawson J; Troy L; van den Nouwelant R, 2024, 'Social housing as infrastructure and the role of mission driven financing', Housing Studies, 39, pp. 398 - 418,

van den Nouwelant R; Pawson H; Hulse K; Reynolds M; Martin C; Randolph B; Herath S, 2023, 'Private rental investment and socio-spatial disadvantage in Sydney, Australia', Geographical Research, 61, pp. 349 - 361,

Troy L; Nouwelant RVD, 2023, 'Accessory Dwelling Units and Incremental Urbanism: Becoming ‘Urban’ or just ‘Intensive Suburban’?', Built Environment, 49, pp. 39 - 57,

Easthope H; Crommelin L; Kerr SM; Troy L; van den Nouwelant R; Davison G, 2022, 'Planning for Lower‐Income Households in Privately Developed High‐Density Neighbourhoods in Sydney, Australia', Urban Planning, 7, pp. 213 - 228,

Leao S; Shi V; Han H; Pettit C; van den Nouwelant R; Praharaj S, 2020, 'A rapid analytics tool to map the effect of rezoning on property values', Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 86, pp. 101572,

Pettit C; Shi Y; Han H; Rittenbruch M; Foth M; Lieske S; van den Nouwelant R; Mitchell P; Leao S; Christensen B; Jamal M, 2020, 'A new toolkit for land value analysis and scenario planning', Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 47, pp. 1490 - 1507,

Morrison N; Van Den Nouwelant R, 2020, 'Western Sydney’s urban transformation: examining the governance arrangements driving forward the growth vision', Australian Planner, 56, pp. 73 - 82,

Easthope H; van den Nouwelant R; Thompson S, 2020, 'Apartment ownership around the world: Focusing on credible outcomes rather than ideal systems', Cities, 97, pp. 102463,

Lieske S; Han H; van den Nouwelant R; Pettit C, 2019, 'A novel hedonic price modelling approach for estimating the impact of transportation infrastructure on property prices', Urban Studies, 58, pp. 182 - 202,

Van Den Nouwelant R; Crommelin L; Herath S; Randolph B, 2016, 'Housing affordability, central city economic productivity and the lower income labour market', AHURI Final Report, pp. 1 - 173

van den Nouwelant RM; Legacy C, 2015, 'Negotiating strategic planning’s transitional spaces: the case of ‘guerrilla governance’ in infrastructure planning', Environment and Planning A: international journal of urban and regional research, 47, pp. 209 - 226,

van den Nouwelant R; Davison G; Gurran N; Pinnegar S; Randolph B, 2014, 'Delivering affordable housing through the planning system in urban renewal contexts: converging government roles in Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales', Australian Planner, pp. 1 - 13,

Van den Nouwelant R; steinmetz CA, 2013, 'Concentration vs. Dispersal of a Late-night Economy', Spaces and Flows: An International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, 3, pp. 31 - 43,

Davison G; Gurran N; Van Den Nouwelant R; Pinnegar S; Randolph B; Bramley G; Australian Housing ; UNSW-AHURI Research Centre , 2012, 'Affordable housing, urban renewal and planning: Emerging practice in Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales', AHURI Final Report

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