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Khan T; Song W; Nappi J; Marzinelli EM; Egan S; Thomas T, 2024, 'Functional guilds and drivers of diversity in seaweed-associated bacteria', FEMS Microbes, 5,

Nappi J; Goncalves P; Khan T; Majzoub ME; Grobler AS; Marzinelli EM; Thomas T; Egan S, 2023, 'Differential priority effects impact taxonomy and functionality of host-associated microbiomes', Molecular Ecology, 32, pp. 6278 - 6293,

Saha ML; Islam KN; Akter T; Rahman IA; Islam T; Khan T, 2019, 'Isolation and identification of amylolytic bacteria from garbage and garden soil', Bangladesh Journal of Botany, 48, pp. 537 - 545,

Khan T; Mahbub MDA; Mitra S; Ali NM; Biswas A; Saha TIML, 2017, 'Rhizosphere associated bacteria and soil physicochemical properties of tea garden', Bangladesh Journal of Botany, 46, pp. 1389 - 1396

Khan T; Saha ML; Kamal MM; Islam MN, 2015, 'Proteolytic Bacillus spp. associated with tannery industries: conventional and molecular identification', Bangladesh Journal of Botany, 44, pp. 557 - 564,

Palanivelu M; Mohamed KENN; Khan TH; Nawaz MP, 2012, 'Kinetics of Vinyl Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate Initiated by Ce(IV)-Vanillin Redox System', E-Journal of Chemistry, 9, pp. 430 - 434,

Prasath PMD; Khan TH, 2008, 'Impact of Tsunami on the Heavy Metal Accumulation in Water, Sediments and Fish at Poompuhar Coast, Southeast Coast of India', E-Journal of Chemistry, 5, pp. 16 - 22,

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