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Shang Y; Tong Z; Kundu D, 2024, 'Decoding the Zinc Depletion-Mediated Failure in Aqueous Zinc Batteries: On Limiting Parameters and Accurate Assessment', ACS Energy Letters, 9, pp. 3084 - 3092,

Wang F; Wen X; Mittal U; Nekouei RK; Foller T; Shang Y; Bhadra A; Chu D; Sharma N; Kundu D; Joshi R, 2024, 'Structure-dependent lithium storage characteristics of Fe3O4/rGO aerogels', Carbon, 222,

Shang Y; Kundi V; Pal I; Kim HN; Zhong H; Kumar P; Kundu D, 2024, 'Highly Potent and Low-Volume Concentration Additives for Durable Aqueous Zinc Batteries: Machine Learning-Enabled Performance Rationalization', Advanced Materials, 36,

Shang Y; Kundu D, 2023, 'A path forward for the translational development of aqueous zinc-ion batteries', Joule, 7, pp. 244 - 250,

Shang Y; Kumar P; Mittal U; Liang X; Kundu D, 2023, 'Targeted leveling of the undercoordinated high field density sites renders effective zinc dendrite inhibition', Energy Storage Materials, 55, pp. 117 - 129,

Lee K; Shang Y; Bobrin VA; Kuchel R; Kundu D; Corrigan N; Boyer C, 2022, '3D Printing Nanostructured Solid Polymer Electrolytes with High Modulus and Conductivity', Advanced Materials, 34,

Shang Y; Kundu D, 2022, 'Aqueous Zn-ion batteries: Cathode materials and analysis', Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 33,

Shang Y; Kumar P; Musso T; Mittal U; Du Q; Liang X; Kundu D, 2022, 'Long-Life Zn Anode Enabled by Low Volume Concentration of a Benign Electrolyte Additive', Advanced Functional Materials, 32,

Shang Y; Kundu D, 2022, 'Battery anode interphase construction via carbon capture', Joule, 6, pp. 949 - 950,

Shang Y; Kundu D, 2022, 'Understanding and Performance of the Zinc Anode Cycling in Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries and a Roadmap for the Future', Batteries and Supercaps, 5,

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