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Aiken A; Clare P; Slade T; Najman JM; Kypri K; Bruno R; McBride N; Hutchinson D; Wadolowski M; Mattick RP, 2016, 'A PROSPECTIVE COHORT STUDY OF ADOLESCENT ALCOHOL INITIATION AND PROGRESSION TO BINGE DRINKING', in DRUG AND ALCOHOL REVIEW, WILEY, Vol. 35, pp. 21 - 21,

Mattick RP; Wadolowski M; Aiken A; Najman J; Kypri K; Slade T; Hutchinson D; Bruno R; McBride N, 2015, 'EARLY PARENTAL SUPPLY OF ALCOHOL AND ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION IN MID-ADOLESCENCE: A LONGITUDINAL STUDY', in ALCOHOLISM-CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH, WILEY-BLACKWELL, TX, San Antonio, Vol. 39, pp. 74A - 74A, presented at 38th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Research-Society-on-Alcoholism, TX, San Antonio, 20 June 2015 - 24 June 2015,

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